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Tips for Training with Equipment Row Your Way to Health: The Surprising Benefits of Indoor Rowing

Explore the surprising benefits of indoor rowing and how this workout can help you row your way to better health!

5 April 2023

Tips for Training with Equipment Set realistic goals

If you haven't used their erg for months or even years, set your expectations based on where you are now and work on making easy progress.

3 March 2023

Tips for Training with Equipment The most important training principles for muscle and mass building

It also makes sense to supply carbohydrates before and/or during training in order to have sufficient energy at all for the required high-intensity exertion.

12 August 2022

Tips for Training with Equipment The best tips to lose body fat

Basically, there are two ways to reduce weight and body fat: 1. increase calorie consumption through additional physical activity. and 2. minimize calorie intake.

5 August 2022

Tips for Training with Equipment What is creatine and how does it work in the body?

Creatine is a nitrogen compound produced in the kidney and liver from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine. However, it is also absorbed through food via fish or meat.

29 July 2022

Tips for Training with Equipment Creatine for performance enhancement and muscle building

Creatine has been shown to increase physical performance during short-term, intense physical exertion, and accordingly in sports involving such forms of exertion.

22 July 2022

Tips for Training with Equipment BCAA: More load, less fatigue

BCAAs play an important role in the sports nutrition of strength athletes but also endurance athletes, because they can also counteract the central fatigue in the body under stress

15 July 2022

Tips for Training with Equipment What are ergometers? How do I exercise? Basic mistakes

An ergometer is a state-of-the-art piece that can be found in almost all global brands producing sports equipment. It is a versatile device that allows you to achieve various goals in a short time.

13 July 2022

Tips for Training with Equipment Protein intake: quantity & timing

When it comes to protein intake, pulse intake is to be preferred. Here, not only high-quality protein is to be paid attention to; essential amino acids and L-leucine also play an important role.

8 July 2022

Tips for Training with Equipment Back to running: these tips and exercises help you get back into running after giving birth

Fitness coach Moni Homann specializes in postpartum training. She explains how women can prepare to get back into running and what requirements should be met before the first jog.

21 June 2022

Tips for Training with Equipment Ninja Warrior Allstars - Train like the pros

In the age of Corona, it's difficult to train professionally. Outdoors, ambitious athletes can train safely yet effectively - strength, power endurance, grip strength and balance are just some of the ingredients a true ninja should bring to the table

26 April 2021

Tips for Training with Equipment Hullern by the lockdown: Hula Hooping is fully in the trend

Training with the hula hoop is very trendy! The best tips & tricks to the super hip fitness trend this spring you learn here!

24 March 2021

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