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Marketing Tips for Gyms Taking off digitally: How gyms optimize their online branding

Discover how gyms can stand out in the digital age through effective online branding. Also learn how to strengthen your brand and attract the right customers.

15 January 2024

Tips for Complete Gym Equipment Equip your gym with fitnessmarkt.de

Discover how to perfectly equip your gym at fitnessmarkt.de - from equipment to room planning. We offer professional advice and top offers!

3 January 2024

Tips for Starting a Gym Business What steps are necessary to set up a gym?

Discover step by step how to set up your gym effectively - from space planning to equipment selection. Get valuable tips on fitnessmarkt.de!

27 December 2023

Tips for Complete Gym Equipment EMS Studio Setup: The Ultimate Guide

Anyone who wants to open an EMS studio should think about the equipment. In addition to EMS equipment, cardio equipment, small equipment, body analysis or other accessories are often useful.

27 November 2023

Tips for Complete Gym Equipment Inspiration for modern and price-efficient studio equipment

The DHZ Showroom Berlin is more than just a shop window for fitness enthusiasts. A world full of pioneering fitness solutions and high-quality equipment unfolds on a spacious area of over 700 square meters.

25 November 2023

Business Tips from the Fitness Industry Staffless gyms: providers and concepts

In Germany, there are more and more gyms that are operated (mostly) without staff. We have summarized for you here which providers there are and what distinguishes the different concepts.

27 October 2023

Recruitment & Personnel Management in the Fitness Industry The future of employee management in the fitness and health studio

Human resource management is an enormously comprehensive and also challenging topic. My goal is to give you food for thought, to question existing processes and to encourage you to face the current and future challenges of employee management.

19 October 2023

Tips for Starting a Gym Business Fitness franchises: What is there to consider?

In this article you can read about the advantages of franchising for fitness studios and what you should look out for as a franchisee.

25 September 2023

Business Tips from the Fitness Industry Success through digitization and automation of your gym

Those that use innovative technologies to automate staff-intensive, administrative tasks and increase member convenience will come out ahead in the future.

17 September 2023

Education & Training in the Fitness Industry Fitness Education Award 2023: The award for outstanding fitness education

Once a year, the best fitness training companies and trainees are honored with the Fitness Training Award.

9 August 2023

Recruitment & Personnel Management in the Fitness Industry Recruiting and personnel development in the studio: finding, promoting, and developing junior staff members

Many fitness and health studios are currently facing major challenges in their search for qualified junior staff, as the need for skilled workers is high and competition in the labor market is fierce.

25 July 2023

Business Tips from the Fitness Industry Breaking new ground: Positioning as a healthcare provider

Anyone who wants to evolve from a pure gym operator to a provider of health services should go through different development steps in order to successfully introduce prevention courses, BGM or ZPP approvals.

22 July 2023

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