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Infrared saunas serve to warm the body with so called infrared light or infrared radiation. They have the same effects as a common sauna, but need less energy and are very space-saving. They are used in the private, commercial and medical sector. Many hotels or spa and beauty centers also provide this kind of equipment. This system warms the whole body as a heating lamp does on single points.  

There are different kinds of new and used infrared saunas: some where you can lie in, seated new and used infrared saunas or large cabins for up to 4 persons. Which one is suitable for you depends on your commodity. A big advantage of this heating method compared to a sauna is that it doesn’t need a lot of space. Therefore it can also be built up at home very easy and is also a good extension for the spa area in every gym.

Advantages of infrared saunas

The temperature in it is not as high as in a sauna, therefore you’re not exhausted after using it, but feel good and healthy. In general it has the same effect as a sauna, even if you don’t sweat in it as much as in a sauna: the immune system gets strengthened, the body gets purged and detoxified. By the steady warming without UV rays, strains are eased, the whole body regenerates and becomes relaxed. Therefore new or used infrared saunas are especially recommendable for persons who don’t feel comfortable with the heat of a sauna. In any case you should get informed well about possible risks and the suitable intensity as well as the regularity of use before using it.

Buy or sell new or used infrared saunas

If you want to create a spa area at home, you shouldn’t miss a new or used infrared sauna. It doesn’t need as much space as a sauna and is energy-saving. According to the size and features of the cabin, there are different price levels. On you can find a wide range of new and used infrared saunas for home use and also for professional use in gyms, spa centers, swimming pools or solariums.

If you want to sell a sauna, you can insert the new or used infrared sauna on in just a few steps and reach the suitable target group. It is also recommended to add a detailed description and pictures of the new or used infrared sauna.

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