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Combat sport includes different styles of fighting. The best known types of combat sport in Europe are boxing, karate, judo and wrestling. When boxing, two persons wearing boxing gloves face each other in a ring and throw punches at each other. The aim is to hit the opponent as often as possible and to put him out of action through a knockout. Besides boxing, there are the related kickboxing – a combination of karate, taekwondo and boxing – and thai boxing, which is mainly practised in Thailand. With the latter, knees, elbows and head can be used as well. Combat sport has to be separated from martial arts, but the difference is very subtle. Combat sport is about the athletic competition, the opponent should not be injured that much he gets a permanent damage. Martial arts, however, places more importance on technics.

For boxing you also need boxing equipment. You can buy and sell new and used boxing equipment on!

Buy new and used boxing equipment is the biggest online marketplace for fitness and therapy equipment. You are searching for boxing equipment like punching bags, boxing gloves or punching bag stands? Then this is the right place for you because on our platform traders, manufacturers and private persons offer their new and used boxing equipment and also a lot of martial arts supplies. It is worth buying used boxing equipment because it normally has no signs of usage and is in a very good condition. After finding proper new or used boxing equipment, you can get in touch with the seller in a very simple and fast way by just using the contact form or the provided contact data.

Sell new and used boxing equipment

You close your boxing gym and now want to sell your used boxing equipment? You can do this on because on our platform everyone can sell boxing equipment used or new. You are a trader or manufacturer? Then this is the right place for you as well! You will surely find buyers of your new or used boxing equipment. You only have to register and then you can create an ad in just a few steps right away. Your ad should contain a detailed description and some high-quality pictures of your new or used boxing equipment. In order to make your ad more attractive, you have the possibility to book a highlight ad at 65,39 Euro with a duration of four weeks. Such an ad appears on the front page of, has a colored frame and is listed among the first results of the category. So it gets more attention and clicks, which leads to a faster sale of your new or used boxing equipment.

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