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3D body analysis for your gym    |    fat and muscle percentage    |   posture analysis   |   girths   |
3D Body Scan from Scaneca immediately available and applicable.
Aachen, Germany
X-ONE PRO - Intelligent device for analyzing and evaluating body composition, posture, body shape and balance.
bodyscan IQ body composition analyzer - refurbished
Hamburg, Germany
Price: Price negotiable €2,436.97
Plattling, Germany
BIA ELECTRODES ME4000 / 200 Stk.
Eisenstadt, Austria
Eisenstadt, Austria
juwell Bodyexplorer - PAD / BIA 200
Eisenstadt, Austria
TANITA body composition monitor MC-780MA P
Stuttgart, Germany
TANITA body composition monitor MC-580 P
Stuttgart, Germany
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An important part of the diagnosis and measuring systems are the so called body analysis devices. Although these analysis devices are often called body fat scales, they offer much more functions and are also designed to measure the composition of human beings. They can’t only analyze the fat percentage but also the water and muscle part.  This function which is called bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) separates high-quality professional body fat scales from cheaper models.

In the meantime, body fat scales can be found in many practices, wellness centers and gyms and are highly welcomed by the users to evaluate their training progress not only regarding the weight but also regarding the body composition.

Advantages of a new or used high-quality body fat scale:

Especially for a comprehensive performance measurement it is important to perform a complete and detailed analysis with a new or used body fat scale. The body fat scale shows the user in which amount nutrition, liquid intake and training affect his or her fitness, health and well-being.

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If you have decided to buy a new or used body fat scale, you can find a vast array of different offers on There are many differently equipped versions and models with several functions among the scales. Therefore it is reasonable to compare the offered new and used body fat scales carefully. On this is very easy by using the favorite function with which you can inspect single new or used body fat scales in detail.

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