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Four Position Multistation (2M) | FLAME SPORT
Frankfurt, Germany
Miscellaneous boxing equipment
Miscellaneous boxing equipment
Brand: RDX
Price: Price on request
Nürnberg, Germany
NPG BOXER a new form of boxing and functional training !!
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
SKILLCOURT - Train your brain!
SKILLCOURT - Train your brain!
Brand: Skillcourt
Price: Price on request
Schweinfurt, Germany
Five devices
Five devices
Brand: five
Price: Price on request
Seeshaupt, Germany
Scotfit Functional Tower XFS 007 blue like new with slight signs of wear!
Kirchheim bei München, Germany
ZIVA Soft Plyo Box 3 in 1
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
ZIVA Battle Rope
ZIVA Battle Rope
Price: €106.00
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
ZIVA Foam Roller NEW
ZIVA Foam Roller NEW
Price: €16.00
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
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Functional training is a new sports trend which is close to athletic training. Its main aim is to reduce the risk of injuring, therefore the athletes are being trained in different disciplines: endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, ability, balance, coordination and precision. The exercises are supported by using several functional training equipment. Next to kettlebells, wall bars, TRX suspension trainers and many other fitness articles are possible. The most popular kind workout is the so called crossfit.

How does functional training work?

It is a kind of workout that stabilizes the whole body and supports not only muscles, but also strains and joints which increases the body’s flexibility. This training normally is done in a group of athletes with a professional trainer and uses for example TRX suspension, wall bars or kettlebells.

Buy and sell new and used functional training equipment on

If you want to buy new or used functional training equipment, you can find a large range of suitable articles for this kind of workout. Not only private persons, but also manufacturer, retailer, gym owner and therapists are selling their new and used functional training equipment here. Due to the large number of available products, the right fitness equipment for every kind of training can be found.

Manufacturers and retailers can sell new or used functional training equipment on, but also can owners of a gym or practice and private persons. On you will find the suitable target group for your equipment in any case.

Tips for creating an ad for new or used functional training equipment:

To make your new or used functional training equipment more attractive for potential customers, it is recommendable to add pictures of the offered articles to the ad. Furthermore, an interesting and detailed description of the new or used fitness articles creates more acceptance for your ad. If you offer additional options like free shipping, you should also mention it.

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