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SportsArt Kraftgerätepark - 20 power tools in a set, status series, incl. complete upholstery in desired color! used, overhauled condition
Gym80 Sygnum - 28 strength training machines used, refurbished
Gym80 Sygnum - 28 strength training machines used, refurbished
Brand: gym80
Price: Price negotiable €41,900.00
Ulsnis, Germany
Cardio Equipment Set 8 Machines by Matrix, new models, Ascent Trainer, Treadmills, Ergometer, Recumbent etc, used - refurbished
❗Precor Strength Equipment, 25PCS, Equipment Park, Strenght Equipment❗
Nürnberg, Germany
⚠️Teca equipment circuit, equipment park, rehabilitation circuit⚡️
Nürnberg, Germany
❌Matrix G7 Strength Equipment Park, Strength Equipment Park❌
Nürnberg, Germany
Gym 80 Sygnum Line, NEW PAINTED, Black, Equipment Park 27PCS
Nürnberg, Germany
Star Trac - Human Sport Set 6 Machines Star Trac Refurbished - As New Condition!
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Sports Art Strength equipment package- Light Refurbished/ Price from 1690 € for one device.
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Gym80 Sygnum Weight stacks machines in any color of your choise! see our realizations !!
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
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Which training machines are part of a gym equipment package?

It normally consists of various strength training or cardio machines. They often have chip card based computer systems on the strength training machines, cable crosses or other articles. It can also be expanded by adding strength training or cardio equipment according to the customers’ demand.

Training on a new or used gym equipment package

On the individual chip cards of the sports club members all settings like the height of the seat are saved automatically for the machines of the new or used gym equipment package which enables the training person to start training immediately. The settings don’t have to be adjusted manually every time which facilitates the use enormously. Through the training, the coordination of movements and the flexibility can also be improved.

Buy new or used gym equipment packages

To buy a used gym equipment package gives the owners of sports clubs and health centers the possibility to equip their club with high-class machines but at a lower price. This is a recommendable alternative especially for founders of a new business who often don’t have endless resources. Used gym equipment often is as good as new exercise machines and offer the same features. Buying a set of exercise machines is an advantage because not every article has to be ordered separately and various strength training and cardio machines are included.

Sell new or used gym equipment packages

If you are closing a gym and want to sell your used exercise machines, you can insert the new or used gym equipment packages on in just a few steps. It is recommendable to insert detailed information about the gym equipment packages and the single products as well as some photos of the products in your ad.

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