FreeMotion Set 18 power tools, Epic Series and Genesis Cable Motion, 1A biomechanics, similar to Hoist, used - reconditioned


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Brand FreeMotion
Condition Used (refurbished)
Location Ulsnis, Germany
Year of manufacture 2010


FreeMotion Epic and Genesis series, 18 great power tools in a set, used - reconditioned

Innovative motion sequences and perfect biomechanics have been the trademark of the popular FreeMotion brand (similar to Hoist USA) for strength equipment from the USA/America for years. This power equipment park includes 19 pieces of sports equipment which are listed below. It's a perfect mix of the popular Epic Series of plug-in weights that have evolved classic strength training equipment into isolation training, and the innovative Genesis Series that uses cable pulleys and bilateral movements from everyday life to provide a comprehensive workout. Both old and young will be enthusiastic about the training. Large weight blocks with fine difficulty levels round off the equipment. All machines are checked, cleaned and optically and technically overhauled by our trained technicians. This service is already included in the offer price! This set can of course also be combined with our other offers to create a complete gym equipment! Leasing and financing are possible. You are welcome to call us by phone at ( 49 ) 04641-3007 or send us an email: You are also welcome to test and view the devices on site in our warehouse.

This set can be used to equip a strength training area of approx. 200 to 300 square meters. This package can also be extended with matching benches, racks etc and/or cardio equipment to form a complete gym.

This FreeMotion Set consists of 18 strength machines from the Epic and Genesis series - all fitness machines are equipped with plug-in weights:

1* Freemotion Epic Legpress (leg press)
1* Freemotion Epic Leg Extension (leg extension)
1* Freemotion Epic Leg Curl (leg flexor)
1* Freemotion Epic Hip Abduction/Adduction (2 in 1 COMBImaschine Ab and Adductors)
1*Freemotion Epic Pulldown - Lat High Row (lat pull from above)
1* Freemotion Epic Seated Row (rowing sitting)
1*Freemotion Epic Chestpress (bench press)
1* Freemotion Epic Shoulderpress (shoulder press)
1* Freemotion Epic Butterfly/Butterfly Reverse (2 in 1 COMBImaschine)

1* Freemotion Genesis - Hamstrings
1* Freemotion Genesis - Squat
1* Freemotion Genesis - Step
1* Freemotion Genesis - Shoulder
1* Freemotion Genesis - Chest
1* Freemotion Genesis - Lat Pulldown
2* Freemotion Genesis - Adjustable Pulley - (2x height adjustable cable pull -

1* Dip Climbing machine with weight support (manufacturer unknown, optically and technically similar to Freemotion)

Frame colour of the power equipment: Silver
Cushion colours: Black (defective cushions will be replaced free of charge for you)

All cushions can be upholstered in your desired colour at a reasonable price by a German master crafts man.

Condition: used, good condition - all devices are optically and technically checked and refurbished!

Of course you can also buy the following accessories for a small extra charge in addition to the set e.g.
benches, racks, stands etc. Cardio equipment. Hydraulic compasses as well as dumbbells, discs, bars and much more.

Changes are possible, please let us know your wishes.
Errors and prior sale reserved.

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