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Matrix Fitness | Ultra Series | Back Stretcher (G7-S52) | Iced Silver | 2017
Frechen, Germany
L+K Back Extension Lower Back Machine Classic Line
Bochum, Germany
HBP Smart Line, chest press/seated row 204S, used
Ulsnis, Germany
Sportesse Hyperextension Machine   Lower Back Machine, white, used
Ulsnis, Germany
Cybex Hyperextension Machine Used
Cybex Hyperextension Machine Used
Brand: Cybex
Price: €1,281.51
Ulsnis, Germany
Life Fitness Hyperextension   Back Extension, silver, used
Ulsnis, Germany
Galaxy Hyperextension   Back Extension, white, used
Ulsnis, Germany
L+K Back Extension E-Line
L+K Back Extension E-Line
Price: Price on request
Bochum, Germany
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On the lower back machine which is also called back extension machine several exercises for back stretching and strengthening can be done. It can be found in most well equipped gyms in the power training area. Normally this back extension equipment is adjustable to height of the athlete and also angles are changeable. As the rolls often can be adjusted too, you can even train the abdominal muscles on a lower back machine. Workout on this kind of equipment is a basic exercise for trunk stability which is especially important for athletes and persons with back or spine problems. The exercise can also be done without this fitness equipment, simply on benches or large training balls.

How does the training on a lower back / back extension machine work?

The athlete sits on the padding of the back extension machine with his feet on the ground. The back padding roll of the lower back machine has to be situated on the upper back on the same height as the shoulder plates. Now he or she grasps with both hands the two grips and strains the body. Then the upper body has to be pressed to the back padding of the training equipment until the athlete sits upright. After dipping down the body again the exercise can be repeated, but should always be done controlled and slowly. If the exercise is done uncontrolled a collision of the weights is possible, therefore it should be stopped shortly before reaching the starting position again. Before starting the training on a lower back machine, a suitable weight should be chosen to avoid strains and injuries. Therefore it is also very important to do warming up before using a back extension machine.

Buy new or used lower back or back extension machines

You want to strengthen your back muscles, but don’t have enough time to go to a gym? Then it is a good alternative to buy a new or used back back extension machine for your home. However, before using the fitness equipment you should get advised by an expert on body posture, weight and number of back extension exercises.

Sell new or used lower back or back extension machines

Are you closing down a gym and want to sell the used lower back equipment? On you have the opportunity to insert used or new training equipment like lower back machines. A detailed description as well as some pictures of the new or used training equipment are recommendable so the prospective buyer has the most important information just at a glance. Many prospective buyers of back extension machines are also interested in information about delivery. If you have the possibility to deliver the offered new or used lower back machine, you should also state this information in your ad.

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