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Tips for buying fitness equipment Advantages of investing in a fitness area – gym in a hotel

Exercise is one of the best ways to release endorphins, improving mood and well-being - so guests are sure to have fond memories of their stay at your hotel!

24 November 2022

Tips for buying fitness equipment The Bambach® Saddle Seat - An Investment in Your Health

The back-friendly Bambach® saddle seat has been sold in Germany exclusively by the manufacturer and company Hager & Werken for many years.

13 August 2022

Tips for buying fitness equipment Financing fitness equipment – with fitnessclub24

You want to buy used professional equipment but the budget is not enough? At fitnessclub24 you can find first-class equipment and lease or finance it directly from the seller!

4 May 2022

Tips for buying fitness equipment NPG NoExcuses – the choice of champions

Choosing equipment for the strength area is a real challenge - but doesn't have to!

28 March 2022

Tips for buying fitness equipment Why personalise your sports equipment?

Personalization is king: Individual sports equipment connects your customers tightly to your studio!

6 August 2021

Tips for buying fitness equipment 5 benefits of buying reconditioned equipment

For many studio managers, therefore, the option of expanding their own equipment pool with good used equipment can be very attractive.

13 July 2021

Tips for buying fitness equipment gym80 Pure Kraft Strong Machines - A Perfect Symbiosis of Dumbbell and Equipment Training

Plate-loaded strength equipment is experiencing a true renaissance in strength training. After the popular Pure Kraft equipment series, gym80 is going one better with Pure Kraft Strong and establishing the revolutionary load drop mechanism.

25 February 2021

Tips for buying fitness equipment DHZ Freestyle Tower: Smart solutions for the Functional Training Area

DHZ Fitness offers custom Functional Training Stations for the workout floor, taking the Functional Area in your gym to the next level!

10 February 2021

Tips for buying fitness equipment Contactless hand disinfection: Hygiene concept easily implemented with MediTrooper

MediTrooper contactless hand disinfection offers a high quality, modern design and premium contactless hand disinfection. Every user of the device disinfects hands in the same high quality.

21 January 2021

Tips for buying fitness equipment Backup - the unique solution against back pain

Back pain prevents an active lifestyle, reduces the quality of life and causes consequential damage. backup was developed to alleviate back pain and combines the 4 most important and proven therapy methods in one device.

14 December 2020

Tips for buying fitness equipment Your own gym at home with Keiser Europe

Sports keep you fit and healthy, and regular training is also a real booster for your immune system. Read our guide to find out how Keiser Europe can help you set up your own home gym!

4 December 2020

Tips for buying fitness equipment Teqball - soccer on the table

Teqball is THE trend sport of 2020. The casual soccer variant is played in pairs on a curved table and provides a lot of fun. At the same time, technique, concentration and endurance are trained! Let yourself be infected by the enthusiasm!

3 December 2020

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