Advantages of investing in a fitness area – gym in a hotel

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Wellness tourism

Hotels are booming again. We are travelling more, and we are searching more often for facilities that have a workout area. An active lifestyle has almost become a must in today's world, where we spend most of our time sitting down. We are taking better care of ourselves because we know that, just like in the saying "fine feathers make fine birds", first impressions can open doors or slam them shut. The key here is training regularity. Hence, even business or holiday trips are no longer a reason to stop exercising.

Wellness tourism has also developed. Holiday trips, and increasingly business trips, are combined with organised activities under the guidance of a trainer. Business meetings start or end with an endorphin boost in the gym or while spinning. Such discussions, in a slightly different atmosphere than usual, more often end in a satisfying deal.

Many individuals associate wellness tourism mainly with spa treatments or yoga. These, however, may be considered inaccessible, exclusive and therefore too expensive. For a hotel, these zones are difficult to create and expensive to maintain. The solution is to organize a dedicated fitness area instead.

Data from reliable sources research has shown that 44% of travellers would not sacrifice the presence of a gym in exchange for a cheaper hotel room.

TripAdvisor found out that 52% of travellers prefer a hotel gym as their holiday workout destination. Active-minded hotel tourists are aware of the resulting benefits, and are willing to spend more on elements that will keep them in shape. A fitness area/gym is more than just the latest trend in the industry – it is a necessity for hotels that want to remain relevant and competitive in today's market.

Hotel Fitnessraum ausstatten

Planning a fitness area/gym.

Things to consider:

- the size of the hotel

- the number of guests who will be able to use the fitness area

- which people will mainly use the zone (young, old, business or leisure segment?)

- availability of the zone (for all guests? selected with a premium service? for outsiders = additional revenue)

- location of the zone (underground part can provide intimacy, floor – beautiful views)

- zoning (= diversification of activities)

- type of equipment

- budget

In the cardio zone, we place equipment such as: treadmills, bicycles, elliptical trainers, rowing machines or "skiers". Next to it, we create a strength and function area where, depending on its size, we can insert multifunctional equipment or a larger number of machines with stacks (there are dual-functional devices limiting the amount of space needed). We can also add benches, a rack of dumbbells, grips and weights. It's also a good idea to set up a chill zone with a roll massager, stretch mats and body rollers. Mirrors and a suitable sports floor are also essential. If the hotel has an extra room, it may be beneficial to include several spinning bikes, a projector and a music system. This energetic form of training will constantly attract new fans.

It is important that the zones and their proportions are adapted to the infrastructural possibilities of the facility and the profile of the hotel guests. Hotels in the mountains, frequented mainly by athletes, will opt for strength training equipment, while facilities hosting many retirees (those located in health resorts) should offer equipment for rehabilitation exercises.

New solutions are appearing on the market, with equipment that is trouble-free, e.g. cardio machines that do not require a power connection – an economic and aesthetic advantage (no more cables). As for the aesthetics themselves, they play a key role. Today, the value of detail has skyrocketed. The answer to the increasingly exorbitant expectations of hotel guests is individualisation, as well as consistency between interior and equipment. The solution is the personalisation of devices: original and unique, surprising and unusual, bearing the branding of the facility's logo and/or colours. For you, as the owner, it is an opportunity for additional contact between the customer and your brand.


From the hotel guest's point of view...

The fitness area / gym is an increasingly attractive option. Even if business guests predominate among the bookings, this does not necessarily exclude physical activity after hours! In fact, a workout is the perfect opportunity to relieve stress and tension after a day of work, tiring classes or meetings. This is true for both active sportspeople, as trips often disrupt their training rhythm, and newcomers, encouraged by the proximity and accessibility of a fitness area or gym. Movement is one of the best ways to release endorphins and therefore improve mood and well-being – guests will have fond memories of their stay at your hotel for sure! Taking good care of this area (quality of equipment, wide choice, details – good condition of upholstery, cleanliness, pleasant lighting, music, nice smell) will definitely influence the ratings and recommendations.

Specifically, how much does it cost? List of devices and equipment, additional services

We have prepared sample offers for various areas. We have already equipped dozens of hotels in Poland, as well as implemented several  projects in Europe, Asia and Africa, so we know which solutions work best. We are a leader in remanufactured equipment, thanks to which we offer devices cheaper by up to 70%. During the 10-step remanufacturing process, we refurbish every component. We offer comprehensive fitness equipment, from machines, through accessories, weights, lamps, flooring, roll massagers (the absolute bestseller of this year) to lockers.

You can count on:

- advice on choosing the location of your fitness zone, gym

- visualisation of the planned area (seeing the results instead of using your definitely makes a difference)

- assistance in selecting a list of equipment and furnishings (tailored to the size of the room, your vision and budget)

- advice on financing

- preparation of shipping formalities

- arranging transport and installation on site

- training of your staff in the use of the machines

- providing service both during and after the warranty period

Fitnesstraining mit Aussicht

Do you already own a fitness area or gym, but want to give it a second life? Contact us, we also recondition equipment purchased from other retailers. 

We can perform a reconditioning at your place with the option to personalise your equipment. The machines will be almost unrecognisable after changing the colour of the frame, upholstery, adding a custom thread colour or even embroidering the hotel logo.

We will offer you the equipment that is currently most popular and which we successfully sell to fitness areas and gyms in other hotel facilities.

We also offer a service for fitness equipment (whether purchased from us or from another retailer), perform periodic maintenance and sell self-replacement parts. We provide free service consultations. Our experienced service technician will guide you step-by-step through a simple repair or adjustment.

Contact us now:

Fitness Club 24 Sp. z o.o.

Komorowicka 110

43-300 Bielsko-Biała



+48 33 486 90 07

Source and image source: fitnessclub24

Published on: 24 November 2022

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