5 reasons why you should introduce a glute zone in your fitness club

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A new zone is entering fitness clubs with a blast: Buttocks zone / Butt zone / Butty zone / Booty zone


Firm buttocks are number 1 workout objective for women today. This trend for 2023 is clearly reflected by the number of buttock and thigh shaping classes.

Apart from workout sessions such as Super Glutes, Brazilian Booty or Booty Shape, gym goers are looking to do glutes workouts in the weight training area. Strong buttocks are not only a matter of aesthetic beauty but an important health factor in view of the common sedentary lifestyle.

Glute Zone in gym

Here are some reasons why you should consider having a booty workout area:

1. Workout specialisation: Creating a dedicated zone for glutes workout will allow customers to focus on this particular area of the body. This will promote better growth of glutes and enable people to achieve their intended training goals, such as increasing the strength, shape or volume of these muscles.

2. Comfort and privacy: A separate glutes area provides club members with a separate space to exercise, which can positively influence their comfort during training. They can feel more at ease and stay focussed on their training, without being distracted or having their privacy disrupted.

3. Access to specialised equipment: You can equip the glutes zone with specialised training equipment designed to ensure effective buttock training. Such equipment may include machines to enable isolated and effective exercise:

Cardio equipment:

▪️ Stair climbers, e.g. StairMaster 8GX Gauntlet

▪️ Climb mill, e.g. Matrix C7X

▪️ Ascent trainer, e.g. Matrix A7xi

Strength equipment

▪️ with a weight stack, e.g. Booty Builder V8, NPG R-line R2.140, NPG E-line E1.31, TechnoGym Selection M979, Gym80 Sygnum 3004 and 3005, Life Fitness Signature Glute,

▪️ plate loaded, e.g.: NPG R-line R3.016, Booty Builder Platinum, NPG No Limits NL 145 and 144, NPG NoExcuses NNE-31 and 21

▪️ benches, e.g.: NPG E-line E3.24, NPG C-line C12,

▪️ cable crossover machines, e.g.: NPG E-line E3.130, NPG R-line Multifunctional Cable Cross

▪️ weights: e.g. barbells+plates for deadlifts and squats


Mats, minibands and power bands, ankle weights, kettlebells, dumbbells

Massage rollers

e.g.: NPG Roll J1 and NPG Roll B2

4. Glute workout specialists: By creating a dedicated glutes area, your club can hire trainers with specialised knowledge and experience in glutes training. Such trainers can offer tips, techniques and training plans tailored to individual club members’ goals.

5. Motivation and support: A dedicated booty area can help build a club community with similar workout goals. The zone may provide club members who focus on training their glutes with support and motivation from others who share similar goals and ambitions.

However, it is worth to note that creating a separate glutes area should be balanced with other training areas. Fitness clubs usually try to provide a variety of equipment and workout zones to meet the needs of different muscle groups and workout preferences of their club members.

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Source and image source: fitnessclub24

Published on: 31 May 2023

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