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Booty Builder Platinum 4.0
Booty Builder Platinum 4.0
Price: €3,490.00
Nussloch, Germany
Matrix Fitness | Glute Trainer | 2021 | Matt Black
Frechen, Germany
Glute Isolator
Glute Isolator
Brand: DHZ Fitness
Price: €1,650.05
Żołędowo, Poland
NPG R-LINE R2.140 Glute machine
NPG R-LINE R2.140 Glute machine
Brand: NPG
Price: €2,519.00
Bielsko Biala, Poland
LIFE FITNESS Signature Glute- Refurbished!
Bielsko Biała, Poland
Glute Bridge Machine (16ZXX)
Glute Bridge Machine (16ZXX)
Price: €1,214.88
Frankfurt, Germany
Joschko gluteus radial / glute machine, white, used
Ulsnis, Germany
L+K gluteus radial, glute machine, silver, used
Ulsnis, Germany
gym80 Glute Machine Used - SPECIAL PRICE
Ulsnis, Germany
NEW Natural Strength 2.0 Series NS2-09 Glute Press
Detmold, Germany
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A glute machine trains the leg muscles, especially the large and small glute muscles as well as the front thigh muscle M. quadriceps femoris. The machine is very popular among women, because it strains the glute muscles. When training regularly with this machine, there will quickly be visible results. There are two kinds of training with a new or used glute machine: kneeling and recumbent.

What do I have to consider when training with a new or used glute machine?

Before starting to train on fitness equipment, it is very important to warm up and stretch to avoid injuries. At first you should get instructed by a professional trainer who can help you finding the right weight. It is recommended to do exercises on a new or used glute machine with lower weight to avoid overloading. Therefore you can also note the body settings, the weight of the plates and the number of sets into a training plan.

Buy new or used glute machines

If you’re not a gym member and have no access to fitness equipment, you can also buy a new or used training machine for the training at home. In this case it is important to get advice from a trainer who can tell you exactly how to set up the machine and weights according to your body. However, it is always necessary to warm up and stretch your body to avoid injuries.

Sell new or used glute machines

Are you closing down a gym and want to sell the used machines? On you have the opportunity to insert new or used glute machines and other fitness equipment. A detailed description as well as some pictures of the new or used glute machine are recommendable so the prospective buyer has the most important information just at a glance. Many prospective buyers are also interested in information about delivery. If you have the possibility to deliver the offered article, you should also state this information in your ad.

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