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Training tips What muscles are trained with the chest press?

To train your muscles on the chest press as balanced as possible, you should always vary the execution. Whether wide or short grip or on straight, inclined or negative bench on the lying chest press: There are many options.

6 March 2020

Training tips Abdominal muscle training with the fascia roller - rolling exercises for a strong abdomen

Whether it's your abdomen, legs or back - you can use a fascia roller not only to loosen your stuck fasciae and loosen muscles. In the roller you will find a versatile training tool for variable exercises.

26 February 2020

Training tips Which muscles can you train with the pull-up bar?

The pull-up bar is a simple device that offers a variety of exercise variations. So you train not only the arms, shoulders and neck, but the entire upper body and torso at the same time!

17 January 2020

Training tips On the cross trainer against knee problems - which cross trainers are particularly suitable here?

If you have knee problems, training with the cross trainer is possible after consulting a doctor. Here you can find out what features a machine should have to get you active again after an injury.

19 December 2019

Training tips Chest press or butterfly - training with a broad chest

Chest press or butterfly, that is the question! We have researched for you which advantages the devices bring with them and how you can use them best.

18 December 2019

Training tips Daily training for the deep muscles with the vibrating rod

The swinging bar belongs to the training equipment from rehabilitation and prevention training and helps to fight back pain. The special form of core training is worthwhile to strengthen the deep muscles.

13 December 2019

Training tips What can you do wrong with fascia training? - These are the mistakes you can avoid when training with fascia training equipment

The most important thing in fascia training is that you do not go directly into the pain and approach all exercises slowly and controlled. How to avoid other mistakes, you can learn here!

1 December 2019

Training tips Ab workout on the pull-up bar - the perfect ab workout to hang out with

There are plenty of ab exercises for the pull-up bar - in our review, we'll show you some of the best exercises for your abdominals that you can easily do while hanging.

30 November 2019

Training tips What is the difference between CrossFit and Functional Training and what suits me?

We have summarized the differences between CrossFit and Functional Training and how you can choose the right training for you.

23 November 2019

Training tips How much weight should you use when rowing on the cable pulley?

To find the right weight for rowing on the cable pulley, you should - as with all equipment - pay attention to one thing: your technique. How to slowly approach your maximum and your optimal performance, you will learn here.

17 November 2019

Training tips Which muscles are trained with back trainers?

Back trainers are available for the muscles of the back in a variety of designs. Which muscles can be trained in detail by means of the back trainer, you can find out here.

16 November 2019

Training tips Rowing on the cable pulley - one exercise, a thousand possibilities for your muscles

The cable pulley is not only one of the most interesting and versatile pieces of equipment in the gym. Especially for exercises like rowing, the cable pulley is the perfect variant and even allows you different variations.

7 November 2019

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