MetaCheck fitness by for me do Has a New Website

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for me do’s MetaCheck fitness website has a new look. The new webpage provides MetaCheck partners with new marketing possibilites. It also adresses weight loss enthusiasts: Background information, lucid explanations and testimonials illustrate the path to a dream body using for me do MetaCheck fitness.

for me do MetaCheck fitness makes it possible to create an individual workout and meal plan that is based on your customer’s genetics. First, the system defines a customer’s personal Meta-Type. Next, users receive a detailed analysis that lets them know which types of exercises are especially beneficial and which nutrients to best avoid - always taking the genetic metabolic predisposition into consideration.

Offer for me do MetaCheck fitness to your customers today and show them a healthy way to lose weight quickly and effectively!

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for me do MetaCheck

Published on: 24 May 2016

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