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GYM-e-fascia with bench
GYM-e-fascia with bench
Brand: GYMwood
Price: €5,190.00
Bad Säckingen, Germany
GYM-e-fascia – deep stimulation and relaxation
Bad Säckingen, Germany
WOODvibro – the perfect addition to the GYMwall
Bad Säckingen, Germany
Roller massagers various models
Windischeschenbach, Germany
WOODvibro – the perfect addition to the GYMwall
Bad Säckingen, Germany
Roller Massage
Roller Massage
Price: Price on request
Windischeschenbach, Germany
Miha Roll Massage Device, exhibition piece
Ulsnis, Germany
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What is a roller massage machine / belt massager?

Massage with rollers and bands is not only an alternative to intensive sports, but is also suitable for stimulating blood circulation and improving general well-being. A roller massager is similar in design to a regular exercise machine and can also be used at home. However, it is mainly used in professional fields such as cosmetic and fitness studios. 

What is treated with roller massagers/band massagers?

  • improves tension of muscles 
  • counteracts pain in joints
  • reduces cellulite
  • reduces fatty tissue
  • improves blood circulation
  • relaxes 

When should the treatment not be used?

  • in case of inflammations
  • if there is a risk of thrombosis
  • with varicose veins
  • in febrile diseases
  • during pregnancy
  • for acute infections
  • for skin diseases

What are the differences between the various roller massage machines / belt massagers?

First of all, roller and band massagers differ in their application and appearance. Massage with a belt is performed with a device with a large base plate, which provides optimal stability. A wide massage belt, which is controlled by a motor, ensures a comfortable contact with the body. There are also differences among the various belt massagers: different speed levels and massage belts. The individual belts are usually designed for the back, thighs and shoulders. 

Roller massagers consist of a roller and a chair or a platform, which facilitate the massage of different parts of the body, such as buttocks, thighs or abdomen. In addition, some devices use infrared radiation. This additionally contributes to improved blood circulation and the desired repair process of the skin. The burning of fatty tissue is another effect of the increased body temperature that results from infrared exposure. 

Can I assemble a roller massager/band massager myself or do I need a specialist?

You can assemble the device yourself, instructions will help you. A specialist is therefore not necessary. 

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What is roller massage?

Roller massage refers to a very special form of massage performed with manual wooden massage rollers or electric roller massagers. Roller massage uses the effect of rotating elements such as balls or wheels, which stimulates the surrounding tissues and fights cellulite, for example.

What is roller massage good for?

Stimulating blood circulation, boosting metabolism, activating vein activity - roller massage can do all this and much more. Among other things, it results in increased burning of depot fat and new elastic fibers. Regular use of roller massage can also slightly reduce the circumference of the waist, hips, buttocks, abdomen and thighs.

What are the benefits of a roller massager?

Treatment with a special roller massager stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, tightens connective tissue, loosens muscles and stimulates lymphatic circulation. Great side effect: the body circumference is reduced and cellulite (orange peel skin) is specifically combated.

How many times a week roller massage?

To achieve good results quickly, roller massage should be used regularly. The recommendation is 20 to 30 minutes for two to three times a week.

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