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XXL Wall Print man feline predator - heat insulating and soundproofing
Gym counter Counter cabinet Trugge Verein Fitness incl. dishwasher + fridge + sink
Nordkirchen, Germany
Interior design - feel-good ambience, lifestyle, high quality, emotion, relaxation, fitness.
fior® MYecotile - the sustainable premium rubber floor
Meerbusch, Germany
Hanging file cabinet 4 drawers, 1 drawer, gray, 40x132x62 cm (3x available)
Magdeburg, Germany
Fitness rubber mats, puzzles, sports flooring direct from the manufacturer
Floor protection tiles 10 mm, with gray color infill - various sizes
Gymfloor® - Granulate protective tiles 500 x 500 x 30 mm
Nürnberg, Germany
GymFloor® Vulcanized solid rubber protection plate - Elephant - 20 mm thickness
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Equipment and furnishing for gyms

For a gym it is not only important to offer new and modern fitness machines, but also modern and suitable course room equipment and furnishing for the public spaces. As training is more fun in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, a gym should provide suitable furnishing in pleasant colors.

Bar furnishing for gyms

Gym owner should pay special attention to the areas in which members stay when they are not in training. Those areas like the bar, should be designed to provide a nice atmosphere to have a pleasant and relaxing break between the exercises.

Café furnishing for gyms

Many gyms have a kind of café with tables and seats in addition to the bar area. There the members can stay to do small talk with friends and other members. The furniture should match with the equipment in the rest of the gym which provides a higher recognition value.

Furnishing for childcare in gyms

A special service for parents is childcare in gyms. Many gym owners recognized that more parents and especially women are exercising, if there is a childcare for their kids. They are also willing to pay a higher membership fee if they can leave their children in a special area of the gym with modern equipment, toys and professional care.

Buy new or used equipment and furnishing

If you are opening a gym you don’t necessarily have to buy complete new products. Often a high sum has to be invested in professional high-quality training machines and therefore it is a good alternative to buy used interior products for the public areas of the gym. On fitnessmarkt.com you can find a wide range of new and used articles for the furnishing of gyms.

Sell new or used equipment and furnishing

On fitnessmarkt.com you can sell your new or used gym equipment and furnishing to a large number of prospective buyers. However, it is important to write a detailed description and add some pictures to your ad so the customer has all necessary information just at a glance.

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