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Used Scott curl bench from Life Fitness
Used Scott curl bench from Life Fitness
Brand: Life Fitness
Price: Price negotiable €252.10
Bottrop, Germany
NPG R-LINE Standing Triceps-Biceps weight stack dual-function machine- NEW
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
NPG R-LINE Triceps Extension- NEW
NPG R-LINE Triceps Extension- NEW
Brand: NPG
Price: €1,959.00
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Barbarian-Line Professional Dip Station
Nürnberg, Germany
ATX® tricep dipper option for various multibanks
Nürnberg, Germany
Wall dip bars - foldable
Wall dip bars - foldable
Brand: ATX
Price: €167.23
Nürnberg, Germany
Lat pull-down handle from Kingsbox
Lat pull-down handle from Kingsbox
Price: Price negotiable €126.05
Kassel, Germany
ATX® Biceps Blaster - Biceps machine - Biceps curl bench
Nürnberg, Germany
ATX® Gym Ring Set - Plastic
ATX® Gym Ring Set - Plastic
Brand: ATX
Price: €49.58
Nürnberg, Germany
Gym Rings - Option - for ATX® Suspension Trainer
Nürnberg, Germany
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It is recommendable to support arm training with strength training equipment. The arm muscles serve as support for many press and hold exercises for chest, shoulders or back, but this is not enough for an optimal growth of arm muscles. There are special training machines for different groups of arm muscles like biceps, triceps or forearms. Below you can find a short overview of arm fitness equipment:

Dip machine: the dip machine is an arm fitness machine which suits especially for triceps training. The exercise consists in pushing down grips sideways of the body. According to the position of the upper body also breast and shoulder muscles participate. Training with a dip machine is especially suitable for beginners who can’t yet manage free dips. A new or used dip machine therefore is an important training machine in the strength training area.

Horizontal triceps machine: This machine is similar to the biceps machine, but the resistance is pushed downwards by the elbows. New or used horizontal triceps machines guarantee even and natural movements at a high level of muscle concentration.

Biceps machine: Training with a biceps machine strengthens nearly only the biceps. Because of the special construction of grips and paddings a soft and fluid motion sequence is possible and allows a comfortable training with the new or used biceps machine.

Biceps curl or Scott curl bench: Actually the Scott curl bench is a kind of weight bench, but it is especially suitable for isolated training of the Scott curl because of its specific construction for weight training with barbells and dumbbells. It also provides a height adjustable seat as well as a bent and padded arm rest and can be adapted to the individual size of the athlete.

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