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Tips for Using Therapy Equipment The uncomplicated lymphatic drainage for at home

When choosing a lymphatic drainage device, make sure that it has a multi-chamber system, sequential compression and a good pressure spectrum. You should not skimp on these points.

30 August 2022

Tips for Using Therapy Equipment How compression arm sleeves can help with lymphedema

Starting from the hand, air is pumped into the cuff, exerting pressure on the skin. In undulating movements, the compressed air works its way up to the shoulder. This process is then repeated until the program is completed.

23 August 2022

Tips for Using Therapy Equipment Compression suit for lymphatic drainage: effect and advantages for self-use?

A special compression suit is used in apparative lymphatic drainage. Unlike manual lymhpdrainage, it can be used anywhere, anytime and from home.

16 August 2022

Tips for Using Therapy Equipment What is the benefit of a massage mat and which one should I buy?

Theoretically, you can use your massage mat every day. If you are undergoing physiotherapy or medical treatment, you should discuss the frequency and duration with the therapist or doctor.

9 August 2022

Tips for Using Therapy Equipment What are the benefits of compression therapy?

Compression therapy is the most common treatment method used by vein doctors. It can help with various diseases such as varicose veins or lipedema.

2 August 2022

Tips for Using Therapy Equipment Lymphadenitis: How do I recognize it and what are the causes?

In most cases, lymphadenitis is absolutely harmless. However, if it lasts longer, other symptoms may be present. These should then be clarified with a doctor.

26 July 2022

Tips for Using Therapy Equipment Lymphedema symptoms in women: What should I look out for?

Women are more often affected by lymphedema than men. The causes can be quite different depending on the type of edema.

19 July 2022

Tips for Using Therapy Equipment What can I do myself against lymphedema?

Advice from the physiotherapist about lymphatic drainage

12 July 2022

Physiotherapy Dr. WOLFF BackCheck® - the update for your body

The Dr. WOLFF BackCheck® is a mobile measuring system that can be used to determine the strength capacity of different muscle groups. This allows strengths and weaknesses to be identified at first glance.

16 July 2021

Tips for Using Therapy Equipment Sauna fragrances - What effect do the different fragrances have?

Depending on the type of fragrances unfold different effects. With the right sauna fragrance, a pleasant experience becomes a scent journey with an addictive factor.

5 February 2020

Physiotherapy That's why losing weight on the vibration plate is so efficient - the calorie consumption during the swinging workout.

Vibration plates are very trendy. Meanwhile, almost every gym has one of these vibrating devices. They are often used, especially for weight loss. We show you how many calories you actually burn.

19 September 2019

Physiotherapy Strength training after stroke

After a stroke, it can take some time to return to normal daily life. Rehabilitative fitness training can help advance recovery and increase mobility and resilience.

7 August 2019

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