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Tips for using therapy and wellness equipment Compression suit for lymphatic drainage: effect and advantages for self-use?

A special compression suit is used in apparative lymphatic drainage. Unlike manual lymhpdrainage, it can be used anywhere, anytime and fro...

16 August 2022

News from the fitness industry Motor Presse acquires digital company Upfit

Motor Presse Stuttgart is significantly expanding its activities in the field of health and acquiring one of the leading providers in the ...

15 August 2022

General articles Physio training against staff shortage

The shortage of staff in physiotherapy continues to grow. Fitness studio operators can create therapy-like offerings with"physio training"...

14 August 2022

News from the fitness industry Nicole Stüer takes over marketing responsibilities at ERGOFIT

Nicole Stüer starts as marketing manager in ERGOFIT's Cologne marketing office. She thus takes over the marketing tasks from the outgoing ...

14 August 2022

Tips for buying fitness equipment The Bambach® Saddle Seat - An Investment in Your Health

The back-friendly Bambach® saddle seat has been marketed in Germany exclusively by the manufacturer and company Hager & Werken for man...

13 August 2022

Training tips The most important training principles for muscle and mass building

In addition to a methodically correct strength training, which is specifically aimed at hypertrophy (muscle cross-section growth), the nut...

12 August 2022