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Financing fitness equipment

Professional training equipment is one of the main and highest costs an owner has to incur when wanting to open or equip a sports facility. When planning the budget, it is worth considering the leasing option.

What are the benefits of choosing this type of financing? Is it possible to get leasing only for new equipment or are regenerated devices also included? What can and cannot be saved on? Find out how it looks in practice.

Cost of equipment

The market offers variety of devices: new or reconditioned, commercial and for home use, more and less known brands, multifunctional and so-called basic. The choice today is enormous, so it is worth making a list of absolute must-haves. Make a tour around your club and try a few different devices made by the most popular manufacturers of commercial equipment. Drawing up a list should end with a consultation with a specialist, and preferably – a visualisation, to plan the most beneficial placement of equipment and space management in the club.

Recently a lot of fitness clubs have been opened, customers have a wide choice. If you want to stand out, you definitely have to pay attention to the quality of the equipment you buy. Cheap devices may turn out to be highly defective, while their parts and service – difficult to access. It is worth taking into account, as the sight of machines covered with "Breakdown" stickers will effectively scare away even the most loyal club members.

Lease or loan?

Operating lease (service lease) consists in handing over a fixed asset, in this case the equipment, in exchange for payment of lease instalments. The parties are: the lessor, i.e. the company which provides the equipment for use, and the lessee, i.e. the club owner. The leased asset remains the property of the lessor. Upon conclusion of the contract, the lessor transfers the right to use it for an agreed period of time to the lessee. At the end of the contract, the lessee has the option to buy the leased asset.

You probably had various experiences with loans, so why is leasing a better option?

1. Formalities

A loan entails a lot of paperwork and is often burdened by complicated procedures. The requirements of leasing companies are far less restrictive and the accounting itself is simpler. Each month, the lessor books an invoice as a deductible expense.

2. Costs

In the case of an operating lease, the club's tax deductible expenses are the total amount of lease instalments and the initial payment. This significantly reduces the income tax base. The lessor, as the formal owner of the equipment, also bears the costs of insuring the equipment, which means even less expenses for the club owner.

3. the impact of a lease/loan on creditworthiness

A loan reduces creditworthiness, leasing does not. Any delays in the repayment of lease instalments will not be recorded in the BIK (Credit Information Bureau), but a delay in the repayment of instalments may result in the termination of the agreement by the lessor, and this will result in the immediate need to return the equipment. This is something to bear in mind.

Reconditioned equipment is up to 70% cheaper than new equipment, but what about financing?

In Fitness Club 24 you can lease both new equipment and our speciality – reconditioned equipment (we have devices of all top commercial brands). This type of equipment is definitely cheaper and with us you can finance it through leasing! If you are the owner of a company from Poland...thanks to our agreement with the EFL company, formalities are reduced to an absolute minimum! Among other things, due to the fact that there is no need to perform technical inspections and equipment valuation, which usually means an additional cost of several thousand zlotys. Additionally, we take care of all the necessary formalities concerning the preparation of documentation required by leasing companies, such as the full technical specification of the equipment.

We have many years of experience in leasing and we know how to help our customers finance their dream club. We run fitness clubs ourselves, so we know what works and what you should pay special attention to. Thanks to our experience, we can also tell you what you don’t have to buy on in order to avoid unnecessary costs. Do you have any additional questions? Or maybe you want to see how we operate, what the process of equipment reconditioning looks like, and visit our warehouses? Make an appointment at our company:


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Published on: 4 May 2022

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