SportsArt Kraftgerätepark - 20 power tools in a set, status series, incl. complete upholstery in desired color! used, overhauled condition


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Category Gym Equipment Packages
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Brand SportsArt Fitness
Condition Used (refurbished)
Location Ulsnis, Germany
Year of manufacture unknown


Kraftgerätepark von SportsArt/Medex - 20 power tools in a set - large used equipment in overhauled condition

Suitable benches, racks and stands as well as dumbbells, bars and discs but also a cardio equipment park can be offered additionally. We would be happy to advise and help you with the opening and planning of your new fitness studio. Leasing and financing are possible with appropriate creditworthiness! Please feel free to call us at ( 49 ) 04641-3007 and arrange a free consultation appointment including inspection and testing of the devices on site.

This set can be used to equip a strength training area of approx. 200 to 300 square meters. Changes are possible, please let us know your wishes. In addition, the set can also be expanded with matching benches, racks, etc. and/or cardio equipment to create a complete fitness studio.

SportsArt Kraft Status series with plug-in weight - 20 power tools in a set:

Cable Crossover connected by a pull-up bar (diagonal S971
Lat pull Dual from above with rotating handles S916
Lat pull from above with bar S926
Rowing Dual with chest support and rotating handles S921
Rowing Long Pulley (Low Row) S918
Dip-Pull-up machine with weight support S911
Chest press Dual S915
Shoulder press Dual S917
Side lift Dual S919
Butterfly combi reverse Dual S922 (Lat-Press-Back)
Abdominal muscle machine S931
Rotary machine (lateral abdominal muscles) S935
Back extensor S932
Biceps machine S912
Leg press adjustable sitting and lying S956
Leg extensor sitting S957
Leg flexor lying S958
Gluteus Radial (Pom machine) S955
Abductor machine S951
Adductor machine S952

Frame colour of the power units: Silver Metallic
upholstery colours: Free as you wishAll

cushions will be upholstered in your desired colour by a German master craftsman before delivery - WITHOUT surcharge - Already included in the offer price!

Condition: used, good condition - all devices are optically and technically checked and refurbished!

Of course you can also buy the following accessories for a small extra charge in addition to the set e.g.
benches, racks, stands etc. Cardio equipmentHydraulic

compasses as well as
dumbbells, discs, bars and much more.

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