Cardio Equipment Set 8 Machines by Matrix, new models, Ascent Trainer, Treadmills, Ergometer, Recumbent etc, used - refurbished


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Brand Matrix Fitness
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Matrix 3x Series Cardiogeräteset, used - reconditioned

The devices are equipped with a large LED console and many programs. The screens are easy to use and have large icons and displays. The following programs are available: Manual, hill, interval training, fat burning, random, fitness test, target heart rate, constant watt. Via a USB port the mobile phone, Ipod etc. can be charged during the workout. Due to the LED console without built-in TV, the cardio devices are completely GEMA free!

The devices are already the new models, easy to recognize by the new console! The devices are still very young and little used! A special highlight in this cardio set are the Ascent trainers (modern crosstrainers) with the futuristic design and perfect biomechanics.

This Matrix cardio machine park includes 8 professional fitness machines:

2x T3x Treadmills incl. new running blankets!
2x Ascent Trainer E3x (modern crosstrainers)
2x Ergometer U3x
2x recumbent bike R3x

On request the set can be extended by further identical devices, also steppers would be possible.

All wearing parts such as ball bearings, drive belts, carbon brushes, bushings and tread carpet are replaced! The endurance devices are not only technically tested, but also optically refurbished if necessary with a new lacquer finish and stickers provided.

The devices in the photos are not yet overhauled and are still getting new blankets and an optical treatment!

Other combinations are possible according to your wishes!
We have many more Matrix cardio machines and power tools in stock.

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