SportsArt strength training circuit 9 machines with Emotion displays, extensible, white, used and refurbished


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brand SportsArt Fitness
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Power compasses with displays by SportsArt in chic white - 9 power tools

For years, the manufacturer SportsArt has stood for solid workmanship and good value for money. All devices are equipped with belt straps instead of steel cables and thus run very smoothly and stable. The machines are each equipped with a large weight block of approx. 100 - 130 kg and are therefore also suitable for heavy strength training in the performance range. Nevertheless, the load can be increased by small additional weights in 1.5kg and 3kg increments and is therefore also suitable for older people. In addition, all devices (except the shoulder press) are equipped with an emotion computer function display and can thus display various information and support the customer during training. A chip card can be used to store various functions and settings. There are 4 different programs to choose from, e.g. a circuit training can also be used.

This set consists of 9 strength machines and requires little space, but the entire body can still be trained effectively on the fitness machines. Thus this set is well usable for e.g.: Company fitness, physiotherapy practices or hotels. Locations such as schools, public facilities, the German Federal Armed Forces, navies or fire brigades are also conceivable. We are happy to add more machines from the SportsArt Status Series to the set, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Installation of the 9 sports equipment with plug-in weight block in a set:

1* Lat pull from above with rotating handles ( Pulldown Dual S916 )
1* Rowing with chest support and rotating handles ( Lat Rowing Machine Dual S921 )
1* Chest Press Dual ( Bench Pressing Machine S915 )
1* Shoulder Press Dual ( S917 )
1* Butterfly Dual ( S933 )
1* Back Stretcher ( S932 )
1* Rotator - Rotation Machine ( S935 )
1* Leg Stretcher sitting ( S957 )
1* Leg Bend lying ( S958 )

Frame colour: White
Upholstery colour: Black-grey
We can change all upholstery to your desired colour at low cost.

Condition: used, all power equipment is checked and optically and technically overhauled.

Of course you can also get the following accessories against surcharge:
All dumbbells, plates, bars etc. can be freely assembled according to your wishes.

For example:
2 barbells 50mm
1 SZ dumbbell 50mm
1 dumbbell rack with 2 rows/shelves
1 dumbbell set of 5 - 40 kg in 2.5 kg steps, cast or rubber
500 kg weight plates, 50mm, cast or rubber

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