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MEdwave on Medwave Touch with SPA billable with §20 Digital!
Adenau, Germany
Hydrojet Wellsystem Medical - 1 year warranty
Adenau, Germany
NPG ROLL J1- a professional Rollmassager -  Personalise your massager/Choice of upholstery colour and texture
NPG ROLL J1 Infrared massager- a professional massage device
Bielsko Biała, Poland
NPG ROLL B2 Infrared massager a professional massage device
Bielsko Biała, Poland
Wellness & Spa facilities, Finnish Sauna, Infrared Sauna, Steam Bath, Soft pack Lounger (all from KLAFS), Crush Ice Fountain, Wellness loungers, Reception Counter
Cryosauna Juka incl. nitrogen tank
Cryosauna Juka incl. nitrogen tank
Brand: JUKA
Price: €14,500.00
Igling, Germany
Hydrojet Wave Touch SPA!!!
Hydrojet Wave Touch SPA!!!
Brand: Wellsystem
Price: €23,000.00
Baden-Württemberg - Freiburg, Germany
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Many gyms and health centers already have a large wellness area, because they recognized that wellness gains importance in the fitness sector. But there are also health reasons for using a sauna after training, because it relaxes muscles and increases well-being and relaxing.

Wellness Area: Sauna, solarium and infrared cabins in gyms

You don’t find only saunas, but also solariums, whirlpools and more in a growing number of gyms. The members can choose from a large range of wellness features like sauna, solarium or infrared cabin and relax, sweat or tan after an exhausting training. In the relaxation room they can calm down and feel refreshed after a recreating shower. Therefore the wellness area of a gym is nearly as important as the training rooms.

Infrared cabins

They serve for warming the body through infrared lamps and can be found in many wellness areas. They have the same effect as a common sauna, but need less energy and are space-saving. Infrared cabins are used in the private, commercial and medical sector. Many hotels or spa and beauty centers also have infrared cabins. It warms the whole body as a heating lamp does on single points. 


Visiting a sauna serves for purging, health, beauty and improvement of the general well-being. Going to the sauna is more than just relaxing, today you often meet friends in the sauna, have a talk and at the same time doing something for your body. There are saunas for naked use, textile saunas, saunas for everyone or saunas where men and women are separated.


A whirlpool, also called jacuzzi, is a basin filled with water. Through special nozzles water is blown into the water and causes underwater air blowing. Those bubbles feel like a soft massage on the body. In such whirlpools 3 to 8 persons can stay at a time. 

New and used wellness area equipment like infrared cabins, new and used saunas or new and used whirlpools can be found on Here you can buy or sell new and used wellness area equipment and new and used machines to a large number of prospective buyers from a suitable target group.

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