Artzt continues to build on pioneering position in neuro-centered training

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Move better thanks to brain training. This approach is becoming increasingly important in fitness and therapy. Players in top-level sports are now well familiar with the topic. Many professional clubs have their own neuroathletics coach, who is supposed to improve the performance of the athletes with the help of neuronal exercises. But neuro-centered training with its holistic view of the human body also has immense potential in the area of medical fitness, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

In order to fully exploit this potential, Ludwig Artzt GmbH, as one of the leading providers of neuro-centered tools in Europe, has created its own competence center. In the new online presence, the product world of the Artzt neuro brand is linked with the know-how of top-class experts such as Dr. Eric Cobb, founder of the Z-Health training program and pioneer of functional neurology. The content, such as background knowledge, self-tests, scientific studies and exercises, is aimed at professionals and end users alike.

"Neurotraining hasn't even made its way into many areas where it could be used as a therapeutic supplement. In addition, the training also helps people in everyday life, for example, with headaches, sleep disorders, stress, poor concentration or poor vision. With our new web presence, we are making the complex topic of 'brain as the basis of movement and pain' understandable and available to the various target groups,"

, David Nießing, sales and marketing manager and authorized signatory at Artzt, explains the concept.


Neurotraining, the new fascia training

The company is currently working on new products. At the same time, Artzt is actively supporting the education and training of neuro coaches to give professionals such as physiotherapists, doctors, trainers and exercise instructors access to the brain-based exercise concept. Therefore, the Neuro Innovation Day, a professional symposium for stakeholders from exercise professions, was held for the first time in September this year. A new edition is planned for June 16-17, 2023.

"We are convinced that neurotraining will gain at least as much relevance on the market as the trend topic fasciadid a few years ago"

, says Nießing. The better the supply situation with trained trainers in Germany, the more people could benefit from it, he added.

Buy Artzt neuro products

Neuro app as a revolution in training and therapy

To also drive digital development in neurocentric training, Artzt launched its own app in the fall. The paid Artzt neuro app combines all available neuro tools in one user-friendly application. It is aimed at neuro coaches and neuroathletics trainers and is designed to help create varied training sessions. After professional instruction, patients and clients can then use the digital offering on their own at home. The program includes exercises to improve balance, optokinetic reflex, information processing and coordination. In addition, visual acuity can be monitored and regularly checked using various vision charts. A special feature and probably unique is the possibility to combine the integrated tone generator with other tools like coordination charts or dynamic stroop charts. This enables exercise sequences on tones and bars and increases the training variety.

Artzt neuro App

The app was developed together with the start-up Haive. Its goal is to transfer approaches from neuroathletics and neuroscience into digital products and make them available to everyone. The core product of the young company led by CEO Marius Krämer and CSO Hady Daboul, a medical doctor and Z-Health Master Practitioner, is the migraine app heyvie. More than 2,000 sufferers have downloaded the application so far, which in the future will also be a therapy aid for anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. "We work every day to revolutionize physical and mental health. Neurocentric Training is the best way we know of to do that. We are very excited to be partnering with Artzt to deliver another offering for this," says Krämer.

The Artzt neuro app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Source and image source: Ludwig ARTZT GmbH

Published on: 30 November 2022

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