SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED opens mid-January 2022

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Football player Sergio Ramos opens his first own gym in collaboration with RSG Group. SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED combines a mix of boutique fitness, music, design and art into a new, unique concept.

From mid-January 2022, the first members will be able to work out at the SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED gym in the Spanish capital Madrid. The basis of the business partnership between Rainer Schaller and Sergio Ramos is the close friendship that has developed and strengthened over several years. The owner of the RSG Group and the football player share the same values, which provides the basis for SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED.

Boutique fitness with gym area

The studio is architecturally divided into five areas and is inspired by boutique gyms. But unlike these, the club also offers a freely accessible gym area. On a total area of around 2,000 m², the special training concept includes several classes, each with different training goals and focuses, which all build on each other in terms of content and were designed by experts together with Sergio Ramos. These cover the categories Functional, Running, Boxing, Strength, Agility and Cardio.

In addition, there is a series of group workouts, the so-called Master Classes, which aim to improve the quality and promotion of correct exercise execution. Furthermore, all workouts are regularly accompanied by beats from live DJ sets.

Personality of the footballer is reflected in the design

The design of SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED, which features details and artpieces inspired by the personality of Sergio Ramos and curated by him, highlights the footballer's cosmopolitan nature.

Source and image: BODYMEDIA

Published on: 27 December 2021

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