Rochester Athletic Club & EGYM: Cut termination rate in half to just 12%.

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The Rochester Athletic Club in Minnesota / USA is one of the ten largest gyms in the United States. In 2022, the club implemented the EGYM ecosystem, creating even more value for its more than 12,000 members. The results were visible after a short period of time: 2,000 onboardings in just 9 months, simplified processes, successful members and, as a result, a halving of the EGYM user churn rate.

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Conclusion from Matt Remick

"Better results and more personalization - EGYM allows us to do just that.
And that helps me achieve my goals: more satisfied members and more members sharing their experiences with others.
The success is evident in the fact that our EGYM members' churn rate is half, at 12%."

Matt Remick,Owner and PresidentRochester Athletic Club

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Source and image credit: EGYM

Published on: 13 May 2023

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