Intenza: A fusion of design, function and versatility

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Chic design paired with great functionality and innovation - these are the attributes of Intenza Cardio. In 1998, the parent company, HealthStream Taiwan Inc. was founded by Mark Chang.

In the beginning, the company successfully designed and produced for well-known brand manufacturers. In the true spirit of Chang's mantra, "Challenge is the best engine to promote creation," they decided to launch their own products in 2012.

Bring a contemporary aesthetic to the cardio space

With the increasing number of people making activity a part of their daily routine, it's no wonder global fitness providers are choosing Intenza. Intenza has revolutionized the aesthetics and technology of cardio equipment.

Intenza design is about culture and vision, typically characterized by a combination of technical innovation, aesthetics and ease of use - thought out down to the smallest detail. Or rather, stripped down to the essentials without losing the poetry. This is certainly one of the reasons why the 550 e2 Escalate stair climber won the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design.

What sets the Escalate apart from others in its category is its innovative, integrative functional details as well as its ability to deliver remarkably effective workouts with cutting-edge technology. The Escalate is able to accommodate all member demographics. It features 20 different step heights ranging from 10 to 20 inches. This makes this machine accessible to any fitness level.

For those looking for an intense HIIT workout to members who need a low-impact rehab workout. Intenza's other products follow a similar mindset. The 550 Series treadmill uses durable aluminum elements that go beyond its aesthetics. Designed with runners in mind, this product line is designed for beginners and long-time exercisers alike.

The cross trainer series offers a low impact workout. By protecting joints and tendons, users not only get a comfortable workout, but can do it more often.

All of Intenza's cardio units help make workouts safe, comfortable and enjoyable. The Upright and Recumbent bikes offer ergonomic support that will please any cycling fan.

Build smart. Think green.

In 2013, Intenza opened an architecturally and environmentally groundbreaking manufacturing facility. To date, more than 40,000 shrubs and trees have been planted there, and measures have been taken to use less water through wastewater treatment plants. Treated wastewater is recycled within the operations.

Surrounded by mountains, Intenza's manufacturing campus is lush and natural. And the crown jewel of the building? A roof covered in 728-kW solar panels that generate clean energy for the plant.

What inspires the brand to continue making a positive difference every day? The shared goal of providing the best possible training to end users. But beyond that, it's about the culture and vision, and the people who embody that vision.

DHZ Fitness Europe GmbH is the official distributor of Intenza Fitness in Germany.

Source and image: BODYMEDIA

Published on: 9 October 2021

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