Innovation Gameday inspires fitness fans at clever fit Munich-Giesing

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As one of the selected studios that were allowed to test Gameday even before its release, clever fit Munich, under the direction of Area Manager Franz Steinkohl, was able to use the innovation in the Giesing studio as early as January 2023. The success was immediately noticeable: thanks to Gameday, experienced exercisers in particular tried EGYM for the first time and on their own - and were thrilled. This also relieved the pressure on staff.


Gameday attracts experienced exercisers to EGYM

The clever fit Munich-Giesing uses eight Smart Strength machines in open mode, the Fitness Hub and the Branded Member App. "We invested in EGYM simply to pass on the best training experience to our customers," explains Area Manager Franz Steinkohl, who operationally oversees eight clever fit studios in and around Munich.

Starting in January 2023, the EGYM innovation Gameday was tested, as Franz and his team of trainers were immediately enthusiastic when they first got to know the Gameday in the EGYM showroom in Munich. And the result in the studio is convincing:

"Gameday is very well received. With Gameday, we have definitely had the experience of bringing the new target groups to the equipment on their own. People are making initial contacts. People, if they're competitive - and some are in the gym - want to compete on the leaderboard. Everyone wants to be the strongest, so even the muscle guy goes to the equipment sometimes."

, says Franz Steinkohl.

The large screen with the ranking, placed directly in the EGYM area and passageway to the traditional strength area, attracts people just walking by. "Everyone wanted to know: What is this? What do I have to do to get listed as well?' And especially the people who are looking for a bit of comparison and also always want to increase themselves, you definitely brought them to EGYM with this, without staff input. And of course, with this we also relieve our staff."

EGYM Gameday am Gerät

Added value for every type of training through Gameday

Franz Steinkohl was able to observe in the first few months, "With Gameday, we have definitely managed to break the routine of the members. Members go to EGYM on their own, gather first contacts. Some have been led to the app and BioAge through Gameday, looking at their progress, seeing the evaluations and the added value for themselves."

For example, Kevin, a 33-year-old, highly trained member from a traditional strength background, first joined EGYM through Gameday. He became aware of EGYM through the leaderboard and gave it a try, "What I thought was really cool was that it tested my power in the beginning. During the later repetitions in the challenge, there was a lot of resistance. I really reached my limits. I'm really positively surprised!" He sees another advantage in being able to compete with his friends: "That's definitely motivating again."

Charlotte, who goes to the gym four to five times a week and attaches great importance to sports and health, also says: "Without Gameday, I wouldn't have had the idea to work on EGYM. Because I have my well-rehearsed routine. But when I saw that you could try Gameday for free, I just tried it. And I thought the devices were pretty cool. I'll definitely incorporate it into my workouts to see how my progress is - if I've been able to increase my strength and if my daily workouts are effective."

Motivated employees

Franz sees additional added value: "Gameday is also very well received by the employees, because there is incredible competition among the staff: who is the strongest, etc.? And they are even more willing to compete against each other. That's great for team morale and strengthens cohesion.

That's definitely a plus point for us on Gameday, because it not only inspires our members, but also our employees. And a motivated employee also motivates customers - and that's good for business at the end of the day."

Conclusion by Franz Steinkohl

"Gameday is very well received. New target groups approach EGYM on their own, create this initial contact themselves and see the added value."

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Source and image source: EGYM

Published on: 18 May 2023

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