Bodystreet presents new wireless SmartWear

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Bodystreet introduces their new app-controlled, wireless Bodystreet SmartWear for the EMS market.

In the future, EMS trainers at Bodystreet will receive their own Bodystreet SmartWear suit, which is individually tailored to them. It is made of antibacterial high-tech fibers and is thus intended to offer the highest possible level of hygiene. The Bluetooth wireless technology is said to allow freedom of movement and is designed to be user-friendly with app controls.

"In the Bodystreet SmartWear, I feel more mobile and independent due to the freedom of movement. The workout is on a whole different level. After a short period of getting used to it, I feel my muscles more than before." Bodystreet customer Heide from Potsdam

The real-time measurement via the multi-sensor system uses the data of the exerciser to create a training plan, the efficiency of which is to be based on the analysis of pulse and muscle activity. In addition, the high-tech EMS equipment with Symbiont technology from schwa-medico GmbH has been classified as a professional medical device.


Image source: Bodystreet GmbH

Published on: 5 November 2021

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