Our partners on fitnessmarkt.com

Here you can find our partners of the fitness, wellness and health sector – manufacturers, retailers and service providers with their offers on fitnessmarkt.com:


Manufacturers of gym and therapy equipment:



Beast&Beauty Beast&Beauty:

Innovative and efficient ems training by Beast & Beauty. Design and quality "made in Germany"!


BH Fitness  BH Fitness:

BH Fitness produces professional fitness machines, specializing in strength and cardio equipment. In addition, we support our customers with financing, configuration, and marketing of their gym. Our goal is the conception, production, and marketing of machines that can benefit your well-being and help to improve your quality of life.


DHZ Fitness  DHZ Fitness:

DHZ Fitness has equipped 20,000 gyms all over the world. Make use of the price advantage and equip your gym in a very affordable way – but nevertheless high-quality! All machines are TÜV-certified according to the European Safety Directive DIN EN 20957.


Digilock Europe BV Digilock Europe BV:

We are the global leader in the production of high-quality electronic locks and locker security solutions. Our key to success: innovation, expertise, and patented technologies!



ERGO-FIT produces high-quality medical fitness and therapy equipment. We manufacture cardio and strength training equipment for medical use, training systems and individual concepts for health training. 


Five-Konzept GmbH & Co. KG  Five-Konzept:

A predominantly hunched over posture has come to define the day to day routines of many people. With our back and joint concept, five attempts to counteract these one sided movements. Based on the fundamental principles of biokinematics, the five concept stretches the body backwards, effectively training it against its stooped over habits.



With us, you can create your own personal look for any machine because we custom manufacture every piece according to your wishes - for a fair price! You can freely choose the color of the frame and the padding as well as the strength of the steel tubing. Complete custom builds and adjustments to technical specifications and parameters are also not a problem!


Foreman Fitness  Foreman Fitness:

We develop and manufacture high-quality strength training equipment and accessories for modern facilities. Our machines are being used by millions of club members all across the globe. Our product portfolio consists of premium commercial-grade strength machines that are reliable, durable, and safe. They also feature excellent biomechanics and superb range of motion.


for me do  for me do:

for me do develops concepts and business models for your successful enterprise. Our main focus is on medical fitness and company health management. We can offer you high-quality products for fitness and health. We help you plan for success and profitability. With our profit center models your business is sure to become as economically sound as you desire.


Concept2 FREI AG:

FREI AG is one of the leading manufacturers of physiotherapy and fitness equipment. For more than 40 years we've been producing equipment on our own and we stand for innovation, expertise in consulting as well as high-performing service.


Gym80 International GmbH  Gym80:

With the experience of 30 years, gym80 produces high-quality fitness, medical and high performance equipment – made in Germany. We also offer products of our cooperation partners, which makes us a full-range supplier with a great diversity of products. 



HOLD STRONG Fitness is a project that we are personally invested in and seeks to enhance the functional fitness market. Our success story began in Germany's Ruhr Area with the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality pull-up bars. HOLD STRONG Fitness now offers fully customizable all-in-one solutions for functional fitness and crosstraining.


idtronic idtronic:

iDTRONIC is your partner for high-quality RFID hardware used in access control, time registration, member/visitor administration and cashless payment. We are one of the leading manufacturers of electronic administration systems for gyms, wellness clubs, swimming pools and spas.


InBody  InBody:

InBody is a leading manufacturer of highly precise body composition analyzers. Our machines measure and determine values based on bioelectrical impedance analysis and achieve very precise and detailed results by taking immediate, segmental, multi frequential measurements of body fat and muscle mass distribution in arms, legs, and torso.


Life Fitness  Life Fitness:

Life Fitness is one of the world's leading suppliers of premium cardio and strength training equipment. With our experience of 40 years, we managed to establish as a world's standard of gym equipment. 


LÖW - Fit in Design GmbH LÖW - Fit in Design GmbH:

Being part of the German fitness industry for more than 14 years, we have specialized on equipping your gym, physiotherapy practice, wellness center or golf club with individual welcome counters and locker rooms.


miha bodytec  miha bodytec:

Made in Germany! miha bodytec is the world's leading manufacturer of EMS – electrical muscle stimulation – devices. In 2007, miha bodytec grew out of miha Maschinen GmbH – developing and producing innovative products for sports and medicine for more than 40 years.


milon industries  milon industries:

For over 40 years we have concerned ourselves with finding the easiest, safest, and most effective way for people to exercise. The results are truly unique training systems, systemic gym solutions, and extensive facility management concepts.


Movens Trainingsgeräte  Movens Trainingsgeräte:

Movens produces isodynamic therapy and fitness equipment as well as high-quality gym equipment for gyms, fitness and health clubs. These machines simulate the resistance of water, which makes the training very efficient. 



With years of experience in metalwork, Prowave stands for the highest-quality products and the most reliable customer care. For exactly this reason, many renowned partners trust our products to meet their needs in competitive sports. Strictly “made in Germany”, all of our products are characterized by innovation, know-how, and exceptional craftsmanship.


Schnell Trainingsgeräte  Schnell Trainingsgeräte:

Schnell can look back on 50 years of experience and produces high-quality machines for fitness, health, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. All of our products are manufactured in Germany. They are developed in cooperation with professional athletes, medical doctors, physical therapists, and universities.  



We have an experience of more than 40 years and are the leading manufacturer of devices for electronic therapy which both helps us with the development of our products. All of our devices are certificated medical products “made in Germany”!


Tanita  Weightcheckers:

Your expert for scales and body composition analyzers! We are the official distributor for Tanita, the leading manufacturer of body fat scales. We are able to offer professional body composition analyzers for use in medical institutions as well as personal use at home.


Woodway  WOODWAY:

WOODWAY slat belt treadmills were developed as the answer to conventional treadmill technology. The unique combination of a highly shock absorbent slat belt and a near frictionless ball bearing transportation system creates a soft running surface that eliminates harmful impacts to the body without changing biomechanics.


Xbody Training Germany GmbH Xbody:

XBody stands for high quality electrical muscle stimulation equipment. Our equipment is characterized by the possibility to train wireless as well as wired – 6 people at the same time!




Retailers for gym and therapy equipment:


AHS Fitness  AHS Fitness:

Are you searching for used gym equipment on fair terms? AHS Fitness offers you used gym equipment of all well-known manufacturers. We are specialized in purchasing and selling used gym equipment. 


AK Fitnessgeräte  AK Fitnessgeräte:

We offer used gym equipment of well-known manufacturers like Precor, Life Fitness, Nautilus, and Technogym. All machines are refurbished and in a very good condition. As part of our On Site Service we deliver and put up the equipment just the way you want it. Our Carefree Service means that we will take care of everything regarding your machines.


art of beauty art of beauty:

Do you want to lose weight, get rid of body fat or cellulite? Then we are the right contact for you! Your go-to shop for professional Ballancer® and ultrasound treatments.


AS-Sport  AS-Sport:

AS-Sport specializes in purchases and sales of new and used fitness equipment. All of our machines are in mint condition after going through a careful remanufacturing process. Visit us at our warehouse and chose from a huge selection of in stock Technogym and Life Fitness machines.


AZ Fitness AZ Fitness:

If you are looking to equip or refurbish a gym, hotel or physical therapy practice with high quality, brand name equipment; if you are looking for a consult regarding planning and financing options or if you are looking for first class gym flooring for free weight and other areas, then you will be in good hands with us.


Bodyline049 Bodyline049:

We guarantee the highest quality and brand name products. In addition to cardio equipment, such as treadmills, bikes, ergometers, crosstrainers and steppers we offer strength machines for all parts of the body, as well as free weights. We also distribute high quality floors made strictly from Polyurethane that are suitable for every room or gym size.


Boeseke Sportgeräte  Boeseke Sportgeräte:

At Boeseke Sportgeräte we regularly keep a large stock of used fitness equipment consisting of many models, makes, brands, and prices. We can offer strength and cardio equipment as well as complete gym packages. Additionally, our in-house forwarding service will deliver your machines directly to your studio!



Dank Sportgeräte  Dank Sportgeräte:

We are a professional retailer for new and used fitness equipment – for over 30 years now! We are always stocked with over 1,000 strength machines as well as over 1,000 cardio machines, such as crosstrainers, ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, steppers, and rowers for professional or home gyms. We offer you a wide selection of name brand equipment across all price ranges.


Fitnessclub24  Fitness Club 24:

Fitness Club 24 is a distributor for high-quality, name brand fitness machines at affordable prices. We can fully equip your gym and offer professional consultation. Because of our many many years of experience and our competent customer care we belong to the leading companies in the fitness industry.


Fitness Concept Süd Fitness Concept Süd:

No matter if it is single machines or entire equipment packages, we will meet your every demand. We are always fully stocked with 400 to 500 strength and cardio machines by name brands such as milon, Life Fitness, Technogym, Cybex, gym80, Precor or Matrix. Additionally we can always offer you a premium fitness circuit by our long term partner milon.


Fitness-Geräte-Deutschland  Fitness-Geräte-Deutschland:

We offer a wide range of cardio and strength training equipment, functional racks, TRX equipment, circuits, therapy equipment, and accessories from well-known manufacturers including Precor, Hammer Strength, Nautilus, Tomahawk, miha bodytec, Technogym, Schnell, milon, Life Fitness, Matrix, gym80, Dr. Wolff, and Cybex.


Fitnessgeräte Wolf  Fitness Geräte Wolf:

We are your specialist for purchases and sales of new and used Technogym equipment. We have wide selection of strength and cardio machines. As officially licensed Technogym retailer we provide high-quality equipment by one of the most popular and iconic manufacturers in the industry.


Fitnesskonzept  Fitnesskonzept:

We distribute used fitness machines in excellent and refurbished condition. Our services include customer consultation, transport, and maintenance. With our years of experience in the industry, we can provide excellent all-in-one solutions and our competent assistance in finding the right equipment for your facility.


Fitness Machine Fitness Machine:

Are you looking for used strength or cardio equipment for your gym, your hotel or your private fitness room? We sell and buy used gym equipment! We willingly buy your old equipment as well.


Fitness-Service R.S.  Fitness-Service R.S.:

When it comes to fitness, we are a well-versed business that not only specializes in sales and purchases of fitness equipment, but also in facility planning, transport, installation, repairs, and storage. We offer our professional services all across Europe!


Fitness & Physio Solution  Fitness & Physio Solution:

Fitness & Physio Solution carries an extensive selection of used cardio, fitness and physical therapy machines by brands such as Life Fitness, Technogym, Proxomed, and other name brand manufacturers. We restore and remanufacture all equipment to pristine condition. Find out how you can benefit from our excellent customer services such as maintenance and lease offers.


Globe-IQ Globe-IQ:

Find your desired equipment no matter if it is a single piece or an entire package - including layout and planning.



MAXX Fitnessgeräte-Großhandel MAXX Fitnessgeräte-Großhandel:

We can offer you countless new and used fitness machines with fair prices. We have strength and cardio equipment as well as entire gym packages by name brand manufacturers such as Technogym, gym80 or milon.


M.D. Fitness Connection  M.D.Fitness Connection:

M.D. is your partner for used Life Fitness machines. Equipment by other manufacturers can also be made available on demand. We are always stocked with 400 to 500 cardio and other machines. All have been remanufactured to mint condition.


Medical Service Höber Medical Service Höber:

Medical Service Höber distributes professional products and solutions for the medicine, wellness and fitness industry and offers product-specific staff training as well as individual financing concepts.


MERCOR Fitnesskonzepte MERCOR Fitnesskonzepte:

High-quality fitness equipment by name brand manufacturers in combination with personal consultations by our dedicated and competent staff - this is Mercor! We create individual solutions for your personal fitness and health concepts!



Norddeutscher Sportgerätevertrieb  Norddeutscher Sportgerätevertrieb:

We can offer a wide range of factory new stack weight and plate-loaded strength machines as well as benches, free weights, and refurbished cardio equipment. We exclusively distribute products that are 100 % made in Germany, made for heavy duty use and built to last. Additionally, we keep a regular stock of used equipment that is available at much cheaper prices.


pader medi.tech pader medi.tech:

We specialize in medical technology, therapy and sports, and distribute high-quality treatment, therapy and massage tables, as well as therapy equipment. All of our products are made in Germany! We develop and manufacture at our own facility in Paderborn. Alongside our own equipment we distribute products by  name brand manufacturers.



We are highly specialized in sales and purchases of used exercising equipment that is used for physical therapy. Many of our machines are certified in accordance with the German medical product law (Medizin Produkte Gesetz). Our technicians inspect and professionally overhaul all of our equipment. We also provide competent advice and meet all your customer service needs.


Pro Sport Pro Sport:

We specialize in sales and purchases of professional fitness equipment. Guided by our principle "All or Nothing", we are able to offer you high quality, name brand fitness machines.


Riviera Fitness Vertrieb Riviera Fitness Vertrieb:

We have a wide selection of new and used fitness equipment. If you are looking for cardio, strength or endurance machines, free weight or functional fitness equipment, we have the right offer for you.


Service Sport House Service Sport House:

We are the UK’s leading service provider of fitness equipment and parts for gyms and the whole fitness industry. We are the only company in Europe that provides a “Life Fitness approved” manufacturing service.


Sinus Medical Deutschland  Sinus Medical Deutschland:

Sinus Medical represents modern and high-quality beauty products for the fitness, wellness and cosmetics industries. We produce machines and systems for health monitoring and aesthetic therapy. Their fields of use are hair removal, anti-aging, body toning and body shaping, metabolic analysis, and software applications – all made in Germany!


SNTL-Koordinationssysteme SNTL-Koordinationssysteme:

Are you looking for used fitness and excercise equipment? In that case, RST Fitness Solutions is the right partner for you! We are specialized in sales and purchases of fitness and physical therapy equipment. We screen and fully inspect every single machine. Our customers are guaranteed to receive a quality, fully functional piece of equipment.


Spofact GmbH Spofact GmbH:

Founded in 2014, we are the German distributor for the brand Tunturi, which exists for more than 90 years and is regarded as one of the gym machine pioneers. We are also distributor for Nautilus and Schwinn in Germany and Austria as well as Shadowboxer worldwide.


spofi-fitness  Spofi:

Spofi is your go to retailer when it comes to high-quality fitness machines. Not only do we specialize in purchases and sales of cardio machines, strength machines, functional equipment, cross-training equipment, and gym packages, we also offer comprehensive services and professional customer consultation.


Studio Konzept UG Studio Konzept UG:

Your Studio Konzept Team is THE partner for professional fitness equipment, parts, accessoires, functional training, flooring and more! Our experienced team is available day and night for any inquiry you might have.


SUN'S Solarien SUN'S Solarien:

We are the largest solarium distributor throughout Europe and offer a huge choice of new and used solariums of all leading manufacturers. We supply you with everything a professional and proficient sun provider needs!


UPSOLUT Fitness UPSOLUT Fitness:

We specialize in purchasing used fitness machines, refurbishing and restoring them and reselling them in pristine condition. Our customers are guaranteed to receive exceptional quality product and reliable service and care.




Service providers for the fitness industry:


abcfinance abcfinance:

Set trends and invest in the top form of your gym! With the individual leasing offers of abcfinance you will stay in financial top form, too.



DSSV is the biggest employers’ organisation for the fitness industry in Europe. DSSV is one of the central associations in the German economy and member in BDA (Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände / Confederation of German Employers’ Associations).


F&G Magazin F&G Magazin:

The insider-magazine F & G Health and Fitness, the official publication of the DFAV (German Fitness and Aerobic Association) has managed to firmly establish itself within the industry in a very short time.


fitness MANAGEMENT International fitness MANAGEMENT International:

One of the leading professional journals in the fitness, wellness and health sector. Fitness Management International reports since 1994 on the most important topics, products and developments of the fitness sector.