What is the correct way of training on a weight bench? Training tips for weight benches

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Weight benches are offered in every gym, but it is also a very appropriate training machine for home training. They are available in various versions and at different prices. A weight bench often provides racks for the barbells and allows manifold training possibilities. You can strain several groups of muscles by using barbells or dumbbells on a weight bench.

Different kinds of weight benches

The most simple and cheapest kind of weight bench is the so called flat bench which is not adjustable. In addition you can buy a rack for all your dumbbells and barbells to place it next to your weight bench and take the weights easily from it for training. Other weight benches are foldable and allow different adjustments. They often offer an included rack for barbells or dumbbells. Weight benches are suitable for beginners as well as for experienced athletes. For an efficient workout, the following tips on the right weight bench should be considered:

•    Solid manufacturing with a firm stand
•    Weight carrying capacity of the body weight and additional training weights
•    Size according to the body height
•    Anti-slip rubber feet for firm stand
•    Inspection certificates

The right start for exercising on a weight bench

Do you want to start the workout on a weight bench and buy a suitable bench and weights for the training at home? In this case it is recommendable to get instructed by a trainer on how to do the exercises correctly and what different training possibilities there are. A trainer can support you in choosing the suitable amount of weight and number of repetitions. In the beginning you should only use light weights and increase them according to your personal training progress. To avoid injuries of muscles, joints and cords, you should always remember to do a good warming up. A firm stand is also important for the training on a weight bench. The back is lying on the padding during many exercises and should be positioned there during the complete workout session. Most exercises on the weight bench are done with the feet on the ground, the knees have to be always in a rectangle position. Furthermore, it is important never to lower the barbell completely to the chest or abdominal and to avoid stretching the arms completely. In this way you can prevent from injuries. Especially when training on a weight bench for the first time, you should do the exercises together with a training partner who can hand over the barbells to you and put it back into the rack. A workout plan can be reasonable to indicate weights, exercises and the number of training sessions. To gain more efficiency, the training should consist of several varying exercises.

Manifold training possibilities on a weight bench

The weight bench allows to do several different exercises, but you should get instructed in suitable ones for your individual training by an experienced trainer. On a weight bench chest, abdominal, shoulder, neck and upper arm muscles can be trained, classic exercises like bench press, neck press or butterfly are possible. However, there are also some exercises that can be done in a seated position to strain leg musculature or forearms. To gain efficient results and include as many muscles as possible, you should do several different exercises on the weight bench – the change of exercises enables a better growth of muscles. For example you can try to do another exercise on every training day to strain different muscles. Weight benches are suitable for every athlete who wants to build muscles, including body builders and weight lifters who can do the exercises with high weights. During the first workout sessions you should do only few repeats to relieve your body and increase the weights according to your training progress.

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Published on: 23 January 2015

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