Physio training against staff shortage

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The shortage of staff in physiotherapy continues to grow. Fitness studio operators can create therapy-like offerings with"physio training" and thus reach a new target group.


Our healthcare system is suffering from a shortage of staff in all areas. This also includes physiotherapy. Germany currently lacks 30,000 physiotherapists. As a result, there is a shortage of supply for 7 million prescriptions. This situation is further exacerbated by demographic change. Looking ahead to 2026, there will be a shortage of 53,000 physiotherapists.

This is where fitness studios can come in and expand their range of services to include what is known as "physio training". Many patients are looking for a training option to stabilize their health for preventive reasons, as aftercare following surgery or treatment. With solutions from Dr. WOLFF Sports & Prevention, operators can offer their customers training on medical equipment systems.


In doing so, the medical product manufacturer offers operators innovative concepts for equipment-supported back therapy, diagnostics or health training. In this way, studios can position themselves as health providers even without physiotherapists and tap into another target group.



Image source: Dr. WOLFF Sports & Prevention

Published on: 14 August 2022

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