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You are only as old as you feel - or are you?

It's common knowledge that aging brings changes that probably very few of us want to have. No one wants to be older than they actually are. Many would even like to turn back the clock if they could. That's why the cosmetic surgery business is booming. Metabolic age, however, is the only aging you can reverse and actually have control over.

Metabolic age, often referred to as biological age, is calculated by comparing your basal metabolic rate (BMR) to the average basal metabolic rate for your age group. Basal metabolic rate is that amount of energy, expressed in calories, that a person must consume to maintain the body's functions at rest.

If your metabolic age is higher than your age, this is an indication that you should increase your basal metabolic rate.

By increasing your activity level, your muscle mass increases, fat mass decreases, and your basal metabolic rate increases. As a result, your metabolic age decreases.

In both fitness and medical fields, but also in private use, this value is a very strong motivating factor.

Through sport, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, the aging process cannot be stopped completely, but it can be slowed down significantly. If you suddenly have 15 years difference to your age, this can strongly motivate you to keep at it, or it is the needed hint to start and take care of yourself and your body.

How does the TANITA BIA technology work?

A low, safe electrical signal is passed through the feet, legs and abdomen via the four metal electrodes. The electrical signal passes easily through water that is present in the hydrated muscle, but encounters fat

resistance. This resistance, known as impedance, is measured and entered into scientifically validated TANITA equations to calculate body composition.


High accuracy even at home

TANITA is the world leader in bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology in healthcare, with more than 28 million body composition monitors sold.

Professional TANITA body composition monitors are widely used in the scientific research, healthcare and fitness industries. Consumer scales bring the same technology home to provide users with the highest accuracy and precision of body composition. All TANITA body composition scales use advanced BIA technology. TANITA products have been tested in independent research studies, with TANITA proving to be the most clinically accurate compared to other products.

Source and image source: TANITA

Published on: 25 November 2022

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