How gyms can benefit from e-mobility

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FitnessConnected is cooperating with Wirelane GmbH, which sets up charging infrastructure for e-cars by providing charging stations as well as the corresponding operating software and offers the associated all-round service.

At FitnessConnected, which will take place from November 18 to 20, Wirelane GmbH will demonstrate the potential of e-cars on an outdoor area of more than 120 square meters and address the topic in an expert lecture.

"Looking to the future, gym operators are a relevant sales channel for e-charging infrastructure. I am therefore very pleased about the partnership with Wirelane GmbH. There is still a lot of value creation and market potential beyond the core business of the fitness industry - and e-mobility is definitely one of them." Ralph Scholz, CEO of FitnessConnected

True to the motto "Charge your body and your car", the connection between e-fuelling and spending time at the gym is a win-win situation: while the e-car owner is doing something for his own health at the gym, his car is being charged.

"For gym operators and their customers, the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important. By providing e-charging infrastructure, studios can make a good contribution to this and help drive the mobility revolution. Interesting membership models can also be realized in this way: For example, customers of certain models could receive a charging flat in addition to the drinks flat." Sebastian Bott, VP Sales, Marketing & Communications at Wirelane

No investment costs: take advantage of public subsidies until December 31, 2021

The installation of e-charging columns is particularly attractive at this point: until December 31, 2021, the German Federal Ministry of Transport will subsidize such companies that equip their commercial property with charging infrastructure with up to 80 percent. The remaining 20 percent will be subsidised by Wirelane GmbH, so that de facto no investment costs will be incurred. In return, Wirelane GmbH participates in the recurring revenues that fitness studio operators make with the charging columns.


Published on: 12 November 2021

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