A gym for the school: an investment in the health and education of your students

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Why a school gym is a worthwhile investment

Introducing a fitness room to a school facility is more than just adding physical education classes. It is a strategic decision that can have far-reaching positive effects on student health and well-being.

The benefits: More than just physical fitness

A well-equipped gym doesn't just promote students' physical development. Studies have shown that regular physical activity can also improve cognitive performance and emotional well-being.

Planning and budget: the foundations for success

Setting up a gym requires careful planning and budgeting. Consider student needs, space constraints and long-term maintenance costs.

Selecting the right equipment

Equipment requirements vary depending on your goals. Cardio equipment such as treadmills and ergometers are useful, as is strength-training equipment for a holistic workout.

Trainingsmöglichkeiten für Kinder

Integration into the curriculum

Incorporating the gym into regular physical education classes or as an extracurricular activity should be thoughtful. Consider using outside trainers or specialized physical education instructors to provide supervision.

Safety and supervision: not to be underestimated

Student safety is a top priority. Therefore, it is essential to establish clear rules for gym use and provide constant supervision.

Funding Opportunities: How to find support

In addition to school budgets, there are numerous funding options, whether through grants, sponsorships or fundraising.

Success stories: Schools that have done it right

Looking at schools that have already successfully established a gym can offer valuable ideas and serve as motivation.


Establishing a fitness room in your school is more than just an addition to the physical education program. It is an investment in the future of your students and a step toward a holistic education.

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Published on: 20 November 2023

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