Balori C (big plate, big display) - 42 exercises


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The new balori® e-coordination training system serves to improve basic coordination and fits seamlessly into the training world of modern fitness and wellness studios, rehabilitation and physiotherapy facilities as well as occupational health care.

The simple virtual 3D instruction with avatar does not require a trainer and makes coordination and balance training from head to toe child's play.

It is suitable for optimizing the quality of movement, the speed of action and adaptability as well as for strengthening and stabilizing the back and joint muscles.

In addition, it serves the training of good timing, safe movement in space and especially to prevent falls in advancing age.

More about balori® e-coordination

balori® e-coordination Training guides the user from simple exercises to complex movement sequences fully automatically and - thanks to sophisticated software - provides objective feedback on the balance and execution of the exercise.

The exercise sequences are categorized into simple, medium and difficult. After an individual introductory training everyone can use the system without further instructions.

After an initial test evaluated by the system and depending on the training success, the exercises increase gradually. The trainee takes control of his training and can adapt the units to his own level of performance at any time.

The system includes the high-quality capacitive sensor technology from zebris for the exact determination of balance and motion quality.

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