Movens 3D Rehabilitation Trainer MED with medical approval class I


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The indispensable training and therapy device for the ankle joints, legs, knees, hips and back!

3D- Rehatrainer

Perfectly train and rehabilitate deficits in the hocks, legs, knees, hips and back!

For rehabilitation, clinics, physiotherapy and doctors

3-fold efficiency

  • Can be used in rehabilitation, competitive sports and training!
  • Excellent experiences of our customers!
  • Easy handling, suitable for everyone!

3D rehabilitation trainer:

Frame in steel, frame colour Sparkling silver, 3 extra soft isodynamic, hydraulic resistance sensors, supports and foot holder in natural wood varnished with hard-wearing stair varnish, handle graspable at 3 different heights, angle adjustment, foot holder with Velcro fastener, handle with quick-release fastener removable for transport

Weight approx. 38 kg

Measures: length: 80cm, width: 85cm, height: 125cm

The 3D-Trainer is designed in such a way that it can be made transportable in just a few steps. So you can use it easily in different rooms or places. On request you can also order other frame colours for an extra charge.

Movens has been successfully manufacturing therapy and training equipment for 25 years. For many therapists and athletes, the problem has always been to optimally perform therapy and training of the ankle joint and the associated muscles, tendons and ligaments. Therefore, in close cooperation with doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists, the idea was born to develop an ankle trainer for therapy and training on the ankle joint and to achieve the finest adjustment with the proven isodynamic hydraulic resistors.

Maintaining ankle mobility

Due to the great mobility of the foot in a small space, the device had to be as small and light as possible in order to maintain the soft training feeling. For this reason, special very small isodynamic hydraulic resistance sensors have been developed that can withstand the high forces of the foot muscles. At the same time, the low weight allows the 3 resistance sensors to be arranged in the device in such a way that the axes meet optimally in the centre of the ankle joint. A buckling is impossible with it!

Foot deformities (foot malpositions)

The experience gained with the first devices showed that the 3D-Trainer is not only able to treat and train the ankle very well, but that it is also very suitable for the treatment of foot deformities (foot malpositions). In addition, a mechanism was developed to fix the lower ankle at any angle.

Ankle joint, tendons and ligaments strengthen, foot arthrosis, circulation disturbances in the legs improve

In addition, therapists and doctors very quickly discovered that not only the ankle joint and the associated muscles, tendons and ligaments achieved improvements, but also the area of the knee, hip and spine can be additionally treated and trained with it. In patients with circulatory disorders (e.g. diabetes) and vein problems in the legs, the pumping movement of the mucosa had a very positive effect on the blood circulation in the foot. Good results have also been achieved with the 3D trainer in ankle arthrosis.

The Movens 3D- Trainer can be used for the following areas:

  • Knee - TEP
  • Hip - TEP
  • supinantion trauma
  • coordination disorders
  • Deficits in the area of the entire foot and calf musculature
  • polyneuropathies
  • muscular atrophies
  • radicular spinal diseases
  • cruciate ligament injuries
  • inner ligament or outer ligament rupture in ankle joint
  • inner ligament or outer ligament rupture in knee
  • meniscus injuries
  • Fractures of the tibia and / or fibula
  • Diabetic foot (the blood circulation is stimulated by the strain of the musculature up to the foot, so that diabetics profit doubly)
  • Foot deformities (foot malpositions)
  • Ankle joint mobility (for stiffening)
  • Tendons and ligaments strengthening
  • Calf and leg musculature strengthening
  • For back and disc problems (also after surgery)
  • For stability and coordination
  • For muscle training on the whole legs
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