4x Smart Strength EGYM eco certified by the manufacturer incl. guarantees + value promise


ID 236282
Category Strength Training Circuit
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Brand EGYM
Condition Used (refurbished)
Location München, Germany
Year of manufacture 2018


4x Smart Strength EGYM eco certified, e.g.:

  • Gluteus (M8)
  • Back Extension (M3)
  • Lat Pulldown (M7)
  • Rotary Torso (M12)

Price: €27,960 excl. VAT

Price includes cloud connection for all machines, EGYM+, as well as a 1-year full warranty and 2-year warranty on the engine.
The price excludes delivery, installation and, if applicable, software and training.

Learn more about our certified refurbished equipment under the label "EGYM eco": https://egym.com/uk/workouts/refurbishedmachines


EGYM eco — Your Gateway to the EGYM Experience

Whether you’re just getting started with the EGYM Experience, or want to expand your current offering – EGYM eco is the right choice for you. Truly "like new": Under the label EGYM eco we offer refurbished used machines that offer you an equivalent experience as our new products – at attractive terms and with extensive guarantees. 

Get Started the Economically Smart Way

Of course, you could buy average equipment. But who wants to be average? Average in our industry means 25-30% member churn every year. And average also means that about 90% of the population currently don't even have a membership at all. Operators that decide for the EGYM Experience want to stand out. They approach value creation from a different angle: By starting with member success! And EGYM eco is an economically smart way to get the central element of the EGYM Experience - our hardware equipment - to your facility.

Invest With Confidence — das EGYM eco value promise

Be confident to make the right choice when you invest thanks to our extensive guarantees and the EGYM eco value promise. Only those machines that pass our strict technical checks receive our EGYM eco seal of approval, which means that they are truly "like new". Also only original EGYM eco products can guarantee full and unrestricted access to all original EGYM parts and the original EGYM software features. Discover the qualities of our EGYM eco machines for yourself, and invest with confidence:

  • economically smart: Get access to the unique EGYM Experience, just as with our new products.
  • All eco machines undergo a rigorous technical and optical overhaul with original EGYM parts and original EGYM software
  • Truly "like new": Strict quality controls ensure that the equipment meets all EGYM standards of functionality and design.
  • We offer a comprehensive value promise for all our eco products, incl. a full manufacturer's warranty of 2 years on the motor - just like for new machines.
  • Coming right from the manufacturer, only with EGYM eco you can be sure to have full access to and compatibility with all original EGYM features & services.
  • ecologically responsible: When you decide on EGYM eco products, hardly any waste is produced, meaning you are doing something good for Planet Earth too!


The year of manufacture of the machines may vary, but since all machines are extensively overhauled technically and optically, they are "as new". Therefore, we give comprehensive guarantees on all original EGYM eco certified machines.

Generally ALL 18 EGYM Smart Strength strength machines are available — we offer a free consultation to assess your individual needs and to find the optimal solution for you and your business.

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