XBody introduces new dry suits

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XBody presented its newly developed dry suits for the first time at this year's MEET THE TOP Fitness in Frankfurt.

XBody presented at MEET THE TOP on the one hand the new, two-piece private suit, which is compatible with the studio equipment and on the other hand a specially developed and patented underwear, with which the studio suit can be converted.

Vorstellung XBody Trockenanzüge

The private suit and the underwear make it possible for both existing and new customers to train dry with the studio suit in the future. The advantages of the two-piece private suit are that the vest and pants are easier to put on and, if necessary, the size can be varied between the bottom and top. The underwear allows dry EMS training at an affordable price.

Both the underwear and the suit are not sold to end users. Studio operators can offer the new suit and underwear for either a flat monthly fee or a one-time payment. The new suit and underwear, which took nearly two years to develop, will be available in September.

Source and image source: BODYMEDIA

Published on: 15 June 2022

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