Sustainable long-term hygiene upgrade in fitness studios for 1 year

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The fitness industry continues to face demanding hygiene requirements.

The problem: customers forget or don't feel like disinfecting all the time, other customers complain about it, disinfectant dispensers and wipes are used up. In addition, this approach is unsustainable, uneconomical and often harmful to health and the material of the equipment.

This is where the innovative antiseptic wipes offer effective, long-lasting and economical protection against enveloped viruses and bacteria. As an all-rounder, you can seal a wide variety of contact surfaces such as handles, handrails, weights, glass surfaces, imitation leather seats, touch screens and much more simply and effortlessly by wiping them clean with the sealing cloth. The transparent, thin-layered and non-tactile antimicrobial sealant is odorless and features excellent adhesion to almost all materials. After a short drying time, the sealant is hygienically safe for 1 year.

Dermatest Prüfergebnis

With the Dermatest test result "VERY GOOD", skin compatibility is guaranteed even for sensitive skin - an important argument for demanding fitness customers. The visibly placeable test seal on the individual devices and posters in the studio have proven to be very image-effective, as it gives the innovative, "invisible" product a clearly perceptible external effect and documents the period of effective performance.

Advantages: More effective, environmentally friendly, skin friendly, cost effective, calculable and image effective than previous disinfection options.

Just take a look at the simple and practical application on various fitness equipment:


When will you get started with the hygiene upgrade for your gym? With the anti-germ sealing wipe, you can create reliable hygiene comfort for your fitness customers in no time at all.


Order antimicrobial sealing wipes now for more hygiene in your gym at an unbeatable price!

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Text and image source: KM foliographics

Published on: 9 December 2021

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