Panatta launches new line of cardio equipment ROSSOPURO

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With over 350 pieces of equipment available, Panatta offers the right product range for all areas, target groups, training types and investment budgets. ROSSOPURO is the Italian company's latest line of cardio equipment launched this year.

Panatta's ROSSOPURO RUN, unveiled at FIBO 2023, is 100% designed and manufactured in Italy, like all of Panatta's cardio equipment lines. What sets the ROSSOPURO RUN treadmill apart is its compact design, large console with 21.5-inch HD display, and the widest running surface on the market at 160 x 58 cm.


The new self-lubrication system can save users more than 1,000 euros in maintenance costs every three years. The treadmill has an innovative user interface with many features, including the New Posture Advisor, which follows the user during the workout and helps them maintain a correct posture.

As a result, the two safety lights located at the frame end of the treadmill provide maximum user safety.

Source and image source: BODYMEDIA

Published on: 21 May 2023

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