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All beginnings are - motivating! Such a successful start to training is guaranteed when you have milon YOU in your facility. The new, further developed generation of the biometric body scanner stands for a fast training start with a high experience factor.

The entire onboarding process is shortened to the maximum so that new members can be brought into training quickly and easily.

"In the tightly scheduled daily studio routine, there is usually little time for onboarding. With milon YOU, we have therefore placed particular emphasis on foolproof usability."

Wolf Harwath, Managing Director five

Training mit milon YOU

In just a few seconds, the data is entered and the screening starts: The body measurement scan now delivers even more precise results for a highly individualized and efficient workout that can begin immediately. As usual, all milon Q devices adjust automatically based on the measured data.

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During the screenings, physical limitations as well as individual pain points and conditions can also be recorded.

Recognize why and for what you train

During the development of milon YOU, the focus was always on the user. The aim is for users to gain a better understanding of their own current condition and the goals they are striving for, as well as the progress they are making along the way. At the beginning, the user can choose between three different training motives. If desired, the appropriate training plan can even be assigned automatically. Then regular re-checks are on the program, which provide valid information about central issues of the training condition - both personally and in comparison to the average (age, gender).

"In milon YOU, there is our combined innovative power as well as our 50 years of experience in designing effective and safe training."

Bernd Reichle, Managing Director milon

As part of new fitness and agility tests, exercisers put their responsiveness, agility and cognitive skills to the test. Comprehensible evaluations with new visualizations provide even more motivation in everyday training.

Innovative software and noble solid wood

In terms of design, the new product unites the two milongroup brands: as with the equipment from five, it is made of precious solid wood. The elegant body is manufactured in Germany in the highest quality. Inside, as with all milon devices, are the most innovative software solutions for precise measurements and a fluid 3D display. Playback is via a 43-inch 4k screen.

Nahaufnahme milon YOU

The milon YOU can be used both online and offline, providing uninterrupted functionality

For uninterrupted functionality, milon YOU offers an offline mode as well as a WLAN interface, and the system's range of functions is continuously expanded via updates.

3D Avatar Technology

The highlight of milon YOU is a new 3D avatar technology, which is unique in the competitive environment. On the huge display, the user appears as a digital image of himself or herself. The avatar, which can be either male or female, slips into the role of coach or training partner and provides constructive feedback in real time, for example on correct posture. The special 3D look takes the user experience to a new level.

Source and image source: BODYMEDIA

Published on: 22 June 2022

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