milon Q snake - a completely new training feeling

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No one likes to stand in line. Training in line, on the other hand, is! This is demonstrated by the launch of the new live feedback milon Q snake. The update has been available for the Q-series devices for a few weeks now and has been inspiring more and more exercisers from all target groups every day. But first things first: milon Q snake - what is that anyway? And what makes this innovation so unique? milon CEO Wolf Harwath knows the answers and explains the background to the development.

milon Q snake is a new form of live feedback with which milon is expanding the existing training visualisation of its Q devices. The new snake-like look can be individualized through many color and design variations and used separately or as a supplement to the previous pendulum visualization.

But much more decisive than the new look are the functional optimisations that come with Q snake. They make strength training even more effective and provide a completely new training experience. The perfect dosage of muscle stimuli, as made possible by Q snake, raises both the training feeling and motivation to a new level.

Training must create a good feeling

Wolf Harwath: "Nowadays, there is no alternative to targeted strength and flexibility training. Keyword: sarcopenia. The progressive loss of muscle mass with age affects all of us sooner or later. To counteract this process, we want to make training better and more accessible, as well as optimise the experience. Training must create a good feeling. That's what every thought at milon and five revolves around every day. And with that mindset, we also developed milon Q snake."

The development of milon Q snake combines the experience of top trainers with feedback from exercisers of all ages and ability levels. The special feature of the new display form: the shape of the snake was configured separately for each strength equipment, for each training motif and for each level - always with the aim of enabling correct and maximally clean movement sequences at the appropriate speed. This guarantees optimal training stimuli.

Wolf Harwath: "Our aim was not only to give the visual appearance a facelift, but to implement very concrete, functional advantages. We developed, tested, discarded, renewed and improved numerous snakes until we had the perfect solution. Basically, it's not ONE solution, it's quite a few - each individually adapted to the particular piece of equipment and the types of training it allows."

Individual for each piece of equipment

With some machines, longer holding phases make sense, such as rowing; with other machines, shorter holding phases make sense, such as the chest press, which is held with the joint almost extended. milon Q snake takes such differences into account: the optimal reversal and movement speed as well as holding phase were determined and adapted for each machine.

The feeling factor was also taken into account: For example, this is completely different on a leg press than on a butterfly reverse, which is partly due to the fact that most people are much more sensitive in controlling their upper extremities than with their legs. During the development of milon Q snake, the focus was on how the exercises feel for experienced, but especially for inexperienced users, and what feedback people get from the machine. All snakes were adapted to this.

Individualized for every training goal

In addition to the exercise-specific individualizations, milon Q snake was also adapted to the different training goals: Muscle building, losing weight, freedom from pain, to bring exercisers out of pain and back into exertion, etc. - all these motives place different emphasis on the holding phases, movement speeds and executions in the training. Taking these criteria into account, milon has developed a separate snake design for each possible combination, which always fits perfectly, sets a perfect training stimulus and feels harmonious at the same time.

Wolf Harwath:"When training feels great and you interact properly with the equipment, it's even more fun and achieves the desired results. That's what it's all about! Q snake is a milestone in this regard - the best live feedback I have seen on electronic devices. You can't explain it, you just have to try it and feel it yourself!"

Playfully to more training motivation

The gamification factor also played an important role in the development of Q snake. For the playful reinforcement of motivation, there are different graphic features on the monitor, through which the trainee always receives feedback on how cleanly and well he is training. After a few correct repetitions, a star lights up, motivating and informing the user that the movement has been performed perfectly a few times in a row. The cleaner the execution, the brighter the ball shines in the track.

Wolf Harwath: "As far as the 'reward' of the correct execution of the movement is concerned, we have deliberately decided against a Pacman representation. There are no points in the snake track that you have to 'eat'. If you miss a reversal point, this only tempts you to make the wrong, jerky movements, because you want to 'grab' another point in the middle as quickly as possible. Our snake, on the other hand, guides the trainee harmoniously back into the correct movement. It's not about a high score, it's about quality!"

Source and image source: fitness MANAGEMENT

Published on: 9 December 2021

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