Ergoline presents Vitality series

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With the Vitality series, Ergoline has presented the latest generation of beneficial light applications at its Windhagen headquarters. The premium solarium series combines energy-saving and skin-friendly technology with high comfort, chic design and easier maintenance.

Light is essential for health, mental strength and well-being. Different light spectra have different biopositive effects. UV light tans the skin, and the UVB component in sunlight forms the important vitamin D. Red light ("Beauty Light") nourishes the skin, builds collagen and has regenerative effects. Blue light ("Activating Light") has an activating effect on the organism and intensifies the directly visible tan. The interplay of the coordinated light spectra enables incomparable tanning results with simultaneous skin care and pure relaxation.

Ergoline Vitality Solarium

Power-saving LED technology for a radiant complexion and cared-for skin

Ergoline's Vitality series draws on the experience of over 35 years of light expertise. As the world's first solarium, the Ergoline Vitality has been specially tailored to the energy-saving and skin-friendly Spectra LED technology. The high-performance LEDs offer good performance, high comfort and maximum energy efficiency.

Ergoline Vitality offers three different light technologies

With a fusion of light, relaxing comfort features, simplified maintenance and a perfectly shaped design language, the new Ergoline Vitality sets the new standard in the premium sunbed class. Vitality Fusion, Hybrid and UV: With three different light technologies, the Ergoline Vitality is as individual as its gym members.

Source and image source: BODYMEDIA light therapy devices

Published on: 8 November 2022

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