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To better serve the needs of retailers and consumers, fitness and health expert Artzt has revised its brand portfolio and presents two new brands.

For 40 years, Ludwig Artzt GmbH has stood for in-depth knowledge in the field of sports and health. Under the Artzt vitality brand, the company has also been developing and selling its own training and small fitness equipment for consumers and professional users since 2009. To further sharpen its brand profile, Artzt is now adding the Artzt thepro and Artzt neuro brands to its portfolio. The existing products in the vitality series will be divided among the three brands according to target group. Specific new products will be added successively. The lifestyle brand Artzt Vintage Series with retro-look sports equipment will remain unchanged.

Commenting on the reorganization, David Nießing, Sales and Marketing Manager of Ludwig Artzt GmbH, said:

"In recent years, the Artzt vitality range has grown considerably. In collaboration with experts, we have developed numerous innovations and opened up new fields of knowledge such as neuro-centered training. Now it is time to reorganize our extensive range and position it on the market in a way that is specific to the target group, in order to make it clear who we are and what we stand for. A trusted, innovative and sustainable company that will continue to play a leading role in the fitness and health industry."

artzt neuro artzt thepro

By professionals for professionals

In the future, the company, which is headquartered in the Westerwald region of Germany, will bundle high-quality equipment for the daily needs of health professionals such as physiotherapists, sports medicine specialists and personal trainers under the name Artzt thepro. In doing so, Artzt is underscoring the continued importance of its original core business, medical fitness. The product range includes, for example, bands for flossing applications, balance trainers such as the Sensory Floor or instruments for fascia therapy. The latter were developed together with the renowned fascia researcher Dr. Robert Schleip.

Artzt neuro - Fit in mind and body

Neuro-centered training is one of the most important fitness and therapy trends of recent years. The brain-based training system focuses on the body's neural processes, which can be targeted with the help of balance, visual or breathing exercises.

Artzt offers an extensive range of neuro tools for this purpose and is now one of the European market leaders. For better orientation for customers and dealers, the products are now offered under the Artzt neuro brand. The tools, such as vision sticks or colored glasses, are based on the latest findings from science and training and were developed in cooperation with experts such as the internationally renowned neuroscientist Dr. Eric Cobb of Z-Health.

Sustainable fitness

As part of its realignment, the premium brand Artzt vitality is aimed primarily at end users. Since 2020, Artzt has been pursuing the path of producing its fitness equipment in line with sustainable and fair conditions even more intensively. Tools such as TriggerWood, Plyobox or YogaMat Cork are predominantly made from renewable or recycled materials and manufactured in Germany or Europe. As an extension of the competence topic of balance training, Artzt launches a balance board in combination with a cork roller and an XL variant of the proven Wobblesmart in the fall.

The product range is to be converted to the new brands and designs by the fall. In terms of sustainability, all products that are still available in the old packaging will be sold off first and only then will goods with the new branding be put on the market.

Source and image source: ARTZT

Published on: 19 September 2022

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