5 benefits of buying reconditioned equipment

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Gym equipment has a high turnover rate. At the same time, high-quality equipment from well-known brands has a very long operating life. For many studio managers, therefore, the option of expanding their own equipment pool with good used equipment can be very attractive. But for many studio operators, there is also the fear of buying a "pig in a poke" and getting inferior equipment that breaks down quickly. This does not have to be the case! The many advantages of refurbished equipment are presented here.


The reconditioning process is a multi-stage journey for used equipment. Each company has its own remanufacturing process, so when buying used equipment, it is important to check what stages the machine refurbishment consists of.

In order for the effect to meet our expectations, each piece of equipment should go through the following steps:

Technical condition assessment

Immediately after unloading, the equipment is checked for functionality, completeness and appearance. It acquires its own card, where each stage is described.

Dismantling and washing

Depending on the type, the equipment is taken to a dedicated workshop (for strength or cardio machines), where an employee disassembles it. The plastic and metal parts are washed, sanded and painted, respectively. Electronic components go to an electronics technician.


In the sanding shop, the paint coating of all: steel, skeleton and plastic parts is carefully removed. This thorough preparation is essential for perfect results after painting.


The best effect is obtained when the machines are wet coated – just like when painting cars. It is important to use top quality primers, paints and hardeners. Our own paint shop significantly shortens the time of the order implementation.

New spare parts

In the disassembled treadmills, the motors – the condition of their windings – are checked. The employee inserts new bearings and inspects the condition of the shaft. If it is worn out, it has to be replaced. It is best to replace the bearing in a professional bearing press, to prevent possible damage to the seat or the bearing itself. Planks, belts, cables, drive belts are also replaced, and worn parts are disposed of, in order to protect the environment.

Inspection and replacement of electronic components

The electronics technician carefully checks the solders and contacts, reconditioning or replacing parts with new ones. Repairs are carried out using high-quality electronic components with the best control and measurement equipment.


Once the equipment is completed and assembled, it is given new emblems and/or information stickers.

Quality control

It should be done several times, covering not only the functionality of the product, but also the visual inspection. Details make all the difference. Each type of equipment has different elements to be tested.

Re-washing and polishing

The reconditioned equipment is cleaned with a steam cleaner using specialized chemicals. At the end, we polish the final product to make it pleasing to the eye of the satisfied customer.

Securing for transport

The last stage is the loading, so care should be taken to ensure the highest level of protection of the equipment and its most sensitive parts for potential damage.

After such a regeneration process it is hard to notice the difference between new and used equipment. 


The leaders in selling remanufactured equipment are able to get incredibly low prices thanks to their bulk purchases and negotiations. The difference in savings between new and remanufactured equipment can be up to 70%!

Check whether the company from which you want to buy used equipment does the remanufacturing itself from A to Z or uses subcontractors. Having your own professional paint shop will significantly speed up the refurbishment cycle. 


Only a company that is not sure of its own work will not provide a guarantee. A guarantee means peace of mind and security of purchase – today, it is an absolute must have in any serious transaction. 


The selection among training places is enormous, the value of details has skyrocketed. The customer is looking for what is original and unique, surprising and unusual. The answer to increasingly high expectations is individualisation and the search for additional places for the customer to contact our brand. When buying reconditioned equipment you can choose:

  • frame colour
  • colour and texture of upholstery
  • embroidering, sticking or uploading your own company logo 

5. ECO

You care for the environment, you have a real impact on reducing unnecessary piles of machines which still can be used for many years. Join the elite of Eco-Entrepreneurs. You can't put a price on it – these are necessary actions which will pay off for future generations. 

Find refurbished fitness equipment at unbeatable price now!

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Published on: 13 July 2021

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