Milon strength endurance training circuit, aluminium, 12 machines, good blue cushions, maintained, used


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Category Circuit Training
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Brand milon
Condition Used (very good)
Location Ulsnis, Germany


Milon compass used, strength endurance with 12 fitness machines, maintained

The circle system is complete with software, water column, 100 chip cards and other accessories. The cushions in blue-grey are all in very good condition and have only recently been renewed. A Milon Circle offers fully automatic training for your members and helps you to increase the turnover in your fitness studio and to bind your customers to your studio in the long run. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on your investment in the future. You can test and inspect the miltronic devices in our warehouse at any time! Simply call us at 04641-3007.

The following 6 Milon strength machines are included in the equipment park:

1x rowing machine (Latisolator)
1x bench press machine (chest press)
1x leg extension
1x leg curl
1x belly machine (Abs)
1x back extension (Hyperextension)

The following 6 Milon cardio machines are included in the KAZ equipment pool:

3x Milon Club Bikes (ergometer)
3x Milon Crosswalker (crosstrainer)

Accessories and extras:
Software M1
water column / light column with traffic
light 100 chip cards for user
table with drink holder with bezel in the middle for the traffic light
/ light system cable, holder, instruction manual etc

All devices are professionally maintained by us! The equipment is dismantled and cleaned, scratches and paint defects are repaired. In addition, wear parts are replaced as required and after assembly each device is put through its paces again. With us you get a premium 5***** service!

Colours and frames:
Upholstery colour: Blue-grey
Housing: Aluminium (special colour!)

Of course we can change the upholstery colour for an extra charge.

An introduction to the equipment and subsequent sales training is also possible.

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Dank Sportgeräte GmbH
Lennard Dank

Kius 2
24897 Ulsnis


04641 3007

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