Inotec 28 machines, 18 strength machines, 10 benches and racks, silver, cushions black, used, refurbished condition


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brand Inotec
Condition Used (very good)
Location Ulsnis, Germany


Inotec strength equipment set with 28 fitness equipment, Natural Line, silver, black upholstery, second-hand, reconditioned condition

The company Inotec from Switzerland manufactures innovative and modern fitness equipment that is visually based on Life Fitness or Precor or Matrix. The workmanship of the sports equipment is very solid and in addition the equipment has a good biomechanics for a good workout. But the strength machines also look very good! The large frosted glass panes give a bright and large feeling of space and look very noble. All machines have a large weight block and offer many different adjustment to body size and people. This equipment is sufficient for approx. 400-700 square meters. On request the set can be extended or reduced by a few devices. Contact us today at 04641-3007 or for a personal offer. We would also be happy to help you plan your new sports studio and support your facility with suitable cardio equipment, circles, dumbbells, functional equipment and much more.

All marked 18 devices with * have plug-in weights.

1* Bench Press NL2 (Chest Press)
1* Shoulder Press NL1 (Shoulder Press)
1* Butterfly and Butterfly Reverse NL17 (Pec Fly/rear Deltoid)
1* Dip-Pull-up NL15 (Assisted Chin/Dip)
1* Lat pull from above NL3 (Lat Pulldown)
1* Rowing with chest support NL4 (Row/Rear Deltoid)
1* Bicep NL10 (Arm Curl)
1* Tricep NL11 (Seated Dip)
1* Abdominal NL9 (Abdominal)
2* Back extension NL8 (Back extension)
1* Rotary machine NL20 (Rotary Torso)
1* Leg press NL7 (Leg Press/Calf)
1* Leg extension NL5 (Leg Extension)
1* Leg curl NL6 (Leg Curl)
2* Abductors and adductors 2 in 1 Combined machine NL14 (Hip Adbcution/Adduction)
1* Po/Gluteus machine NL18 (Shoulder Press)

Following 10 benches, Racks, stands, etc. are also included in the package:

1 flat lever bench with shelves
1 inclined lever bench with shelves
1 negative lever bench with shelves
1 squat rack (knee bending stand)
3 adjustable weight benches
2 abdominal benches
1 dip leg lifting stand

Frame colour: silver-grey
Upholstery colour: black
Panelling: Frosted glass/plastic
We can change all upholstery to the colour of your choice at low cost.

Condition: used, all devices are checked and refurbished before delivery.

Of course, you can also purchase dumbbells, plates, bars etc. from us in addition!

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